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World’s First Holographic Smartphone Is Already There: The Future Is Now!

World’s First Holographic Smartphone Is Already There

The first 3D smartphone comes in late 2018, the future is now!

AT&T and Verizon have announced that they will start selling a 3D smartphone later this year. The Red Hydrogen One smartphone is the first phone from the video equipment company Red.

The amazing feature of the Android phone is the “3D View” that displays 3D images that can be viewed without special glasses. You will be able to view photos from both sides and the back and interact with them using special hand gestures. It will also include cameras for capturing custom 3D photos.

Manufacturers continue to add new features – from waterproofing to animated emoji – to entice people to upgrade their devices. It’s unclear if the screen that displays images in the air above the phone is just a flashy gimmick or if it will have some practical applications.

The phone will be available later this year, early in the summer, according to AT&T. Neither carrier has announced a price for the phone, but during pre-orders, it ranges from $ 1,295 for an aluminum model to $ 1,595 for the titanium-based option.

Source: CNN

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