World Geography GK Questions and Answers

World Geography MCQ Quiz – Objective GK Question with Answer for World Geography

Latest World Geography MCQ Objective Questions

Q1. Which of the following refers to the study of the interaction between physical geography and human geography?

[A] Geomorphology
[B] Political geography
[C] Anthropology
[D] Biogeography

Answer: [D] Biogeography

Q2. Latitudinal differences in pressure define a number of major pressure zones, which correspond to…

[A] Zones of land
[B] Zones of climate
[C] Zones of cyclonic depressions
[D] Zones of oceans

Answer: [B] zones of climate

Q3. Which of the following is considered natural vegetation in desert regions?

[A] Cactus
[B] Acacia
[C] Mahogany 
[D] More than one of the above

Answer: [D] More than one of the above

Q4. The Earth’s equatorial circumference is about –

[A] 25,000 km
[B] 30,000 km
[C] 40,000 km
[D] 52,000 km

Answer: [C] 40,000 km

Q5. Which ancient astronomer made the first attempt to create a heliocentric model of the universe?

[A] Aristotle
[B] Eudoxus of Cnidus
[C] Claudius Ptolemaeus
[D] Aristarchus of Samos

Answer: [D] Aristarchus of Samos

Q6. Which of the following is considered a tropical grassland?

[A] Savannah
[B] Prairies
[C] Taiga
[D] Pampas

Answer: [A] Savannah

Q7. Mediterranean shrubs and bushes are called chaparral in which of the following places?

[A] Southern France
[B] Italy
[C] California
[D] More than one of the above

Answer: [C] California

Q8. Which of the following is the largest mangrove forest in the world?

[A] Pichavaram
[B] Sundarbans
[C] Malayan Peninsular Mangroves
[D] Bhitarkanika

Answer: [B] Sundarbans

Q9. Which of the following is a hypothetical region at the edge of the solar system?

[A] Comets
[B] Proxima Centauri
[C] Oort cloud
[D] Meteor

Answer: [C] Oort cloud

Q10. The iron and steel industries in which of the following countries depend almost entirely on imported raw materials?

[A] Japan
[B] Poland
[C] Britain
[D] Germany

Answer: [A] Japan

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