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What is Vipassana Meditation and how do we do Vipassana?

Vipassana is an ancient and wonderful meditation experience. This literally means returning to see. Meaning comes and sees, then suppose. This is the best way for meditation than purifying oneself and meditation.

Thousands of years ago, Lord Buddha achieved Enlightenment through Vipassana. As obtained by people practice it. This meditation helps you to know yourself. Today, there is a discussion about the benefits of this meditation all over the world and people practice it with great enthusiasm.

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What is Vipassana Meditation?

Vipassana is one of the oldest meditation practices in India. It means to see and understand exactly what it is. About 2500 years ago in India, this method was taught as a universal treatment for the global disease, the art of living.

For those who are unfamiliar with Vipassana practice, Acharya Goenkaji intro video from Vipassana is available, questions and answers.

Vipassana is an effective way to meditate. This leads to self-purification. It is a mixed form of pranayama and martyrdom. In fact, it is only part of the testimony. Feathers and wise men have been doing this way of meditation since ancient times.

Lord Buddha made simpler. According to this method, one has to see his breath and realize it. Seeing means feeling his movement.

How to do Vipassana

Vipassana is a very simple experience. See your breathing. In primary practice, in any situation, while waking up, sleeping, talking or in silence, I just feel the breathing movement in the gills. As such, you have not yet noticed your breath but now you see its movement in a natural way or feel that it has left the breath and taken it.

Take a comfortable note of the gap between breathing and releasing. Do not do this by force. Simply put, when the attention comes, everything stops and focuses on Vipassana.

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Vipassana is not a medium, but nature: there is no need to do any kind of frills or in isolation to do Vipassana. This can only be done well by staying in crowds and noises. Keep doing this way while riding a bike, sitting in a bus, traveling in the train, traveling in the car, all the way, in the store, in the office, at the market, at home, lying on the bed and not knowing anyone you’re not going to do that you’ve been meditating.

Why Vipassana

Breathing between body and soul is the bridge that not only controls our thoughts and emotions but also keeps our body alive. Breathing is life. Osho says that if you continue to watch breathing properly, you will surely start to know yourself differently from the body. The person who sees breathing differs from breathing, and the person who differs breathing differs from the body.

Out of the body, breathe in, then see the eternal vision. In that vision, there is flight, length, and depth itself. The rest are not heights in the world, and there are no depths in the world. The rest is a disgrace.

Vipassana benefits

Vipassana meditation is known for the amazing peace of mind, the complete rest of stress, and the complete diagnosis of every type of mental problem. It is a divine practice to make the mind healthy.

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