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What is Nishtha Scheme – Nishtha Yojana Free Training Program

The Union Ministry of Human Resource Development has decided to start the Nishtha Yojana 2019 (NISHTHA Yojana – Teachers Training Program) for imparting free training to millions of teachers across the country. The NISHTHA (National Initiative for School Head’s and Teacher’s Holistic Advancement) scheme is a national initiative launched by the Central Government.

It is the largest teacher training program in the world started by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. In this training campaign, 42 lakh teachers of government schools of all the states of the country will be given training in books and games with learning knowledge, Learning outcomes, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

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Nishtha Scheme – Teachers Training Program is a national mission to improve learning outcomes at the initial level. At the primary level of Nishtha Yojana, all teachers and school heads of all government schools will be involved.

Nishtha Yojana 2019 Teacher Training Campaign – Nishtha Yojana is a national mission to improve learning outcomes at the initial level. The primary level of the “Nishtha Program” will include all teachers and school heads of all government schools. NISHTHA Integrated Training Program will focus mainly on the intellectual development of children rather than books in the training of teachers. In this program, teachers will be motivated and equipped to encourage and promote critical thinking in children. Students will then be able to handle a variety of situations and the teacher will be able to act as a first-level counselor.

Nishtha Yojana (Efforts are being made to improve education)

Nishtha Yojana (Being tried to improve education) – This initiative of training of teachers under this scheme will strengthen school education. Similar efforts will be made further. He also said that India is already given the title of World Guru. You will try these things that children do not go to other countries for education. Also, the quality of teachers should be much better with this training. Along with this, there should be improvements in the direction of achieving the target of learning outcomes.

The following things have been included in this free training program given to teachers

  • Merit-based education and testing
  • Steps to be taken to keep the school safe
  • Raising personal social qualities
  • Use of artificial intelligence in education
  • “Yoga” to focus and keep the body healthy
  • More information about the library, eco-club, youth club, kitchen garden, etc.

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  • Qualities to lead in school in every kind of situation
  • Environmental information
  • Pre-school, pre-vocational education

The main stages of the loyalty training program

Main Stages of Nishtha Yojana Free Training Program – To make PM Nishtha Yojana Teacher Training Campaign 2019 successful, some of the main steps will be worked out which are as follows:

  • The training campaign will run in three phases and if the teacher wishes, he will also be able to get information through the Mobile App.
  • The training campaign will mainly focus on language, mathematics, and social sciences.
  • The training of teachers will be monitored online.
  • Attendance will also be examined during training.
  • Counseling will be given in case of any problem.
  • Special focus training will be given to understand the problems of students.

Other important information about Nishtha Yojana 2019 (Teacher Training Campaign)

  • Under the Nishtha Yojana, 42 lakh teachers will be campaigned in three phases (apart from the online classroom, Facebook, WhatsApp, and mobile apps)
  • Under the loyalty scheme, attention will be paid to mathematics, language and social sciences.
  • Under the Nishtha scheme, the teachers will be informed about the steps taken to keep the school safe, use of artificial intelligence in the field of education.
  • Under the Nishtha scheme, information related to pre-school, pre-vocational education and environment will be given in the training.
  • Attendance will also be investigated during the training of teachers
  • Counseling will be done from time to time so that any kind of problem can be resolved.
  • After all, these will be the second phase of the loyalty scheme.

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