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What is Google AMP? What are its advantages and disadvantages? – SEO Topics

A lot of people are still not aware of this, if you are also one of them, then there is nothing to be ashamed of because Google keeps bringing new technology every day and in such a way everyone gets information every time and sometimes for a while Meets Come on, today you will also get the information about Google AMP here. If you do not know, I will tell you what is Google Accelerated mobile pages.

Whenever you search something with Google search engine in your smartphone, you have noticed that a symbol like electric light appears. Have you ever noticed it? Yes, you must also have seen this sign because nowadays many websites are using Google AMP feature. By searching for any keyword, you will find some of those results with the symbol AMP. On websites where you see this symbol, understand that they are using Google AMP. Its most important purpose is that the website loads very fast and its pages open on mobile.

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What is Google AMP?

Accelerated mobile pages are called Google AMP in short form. It is an open-source framework that makes an AMP page of any website page, with the help of which the website can be opened in mobile in a very short time. When the Google AMP plugin is installed on a website, it creates a separate AMP page in addition to all its canonical pages. And when a smartphone user opens that page on their phone, the AMP page opens instead of the canonical page but it opens very quickly.

For this, AMP uses Javascript, AMP HTML, and AMP Cache. From the canonical page, the same content is visible on the AMP page, in which the user gets complete information about it. The additional things that happen do not show them, due to which the page becomes a very lightweight and opens at a fast speed.

How is Google important to AMP SEO?

There are many areas where internet connectivity is not good and Speed is also very low. It is difficult to use the Internet in such an area and to open a webpage in it. AMP is a very good option in those areas as well so that even if there is low connection speed, the page opens very quickly.

According to Google’s survey, it has been found that when a user opens the page of a website. So only 3-5 Seconds waits for the page to open. In such a situation, if the website takes more time, then the user takes his information from another website. Even if you have written high-quality content on your website but due to decreasing website speed, people leave before the page opens. Now you just think that if you use AMP, then it will reduce the loading time of your website.

By using AMP, the website opens in working time from one(1) second. So now you must have understood that by using it, we can increase our traffic quite a lot and also gives a good browsing experience to the AMP user. When the loading speed of the website will be low then the traffic will also increase well and that is why AMP supports SEO a lot. If the website speed is good then it also affects the user and this brings the user back to the website again.

AMP System 3 is divided into Main Parts.

  • AMP HTML: It works on HTML language only. The contents of the website are set according to their needs.
  • AMP Javascript: It manages the contents of the Main Source and quickly loads the AMP Page.
  • Google AMP Cache’s: Most of the AMP pages are displayed by Google AMP Caches. But apart from this, other companies support AMP Cache. One such company is Cloudflare which serves AMP Cache.

Benefits of Google AMP

All of you know that in today’s time, 70 -80% of people use a Smartphone for browsing. If we want to bring more traffic to our website then AMP is a better option. If users get less load time then the speed of the website will be more and they will be easier to browse. In such a situation, website reputation will be better in users due to the good speed of the website and traffic will increase more.

AMP is good for SEO because web crawlers search AMP pages quicker than normal pages. And in this way, Organic Traffic will also increase the website, as well as setting up Auto Ads in Google AMP.

Disadvantages of Google AMP

To load the website quickly, only the Main Content is shown in the Page of Up Version. There is also an option to place Google Adsense ads in the AMP version. But Google Adsense or other advertisements which are in the pages, show less number of shows. The impression is very low and due to this Revenue becomes very useful.

Apart from this, there is also no option of comment box for this, then the user has to go to the Non-AMP page. In this, money has to be paid for applying favorite themes. They give us just a few themes for free.

Once you enable AMP on your website, then Google will only index AMP pages on your website mobile. In this condition, if you disable Google AMP, then they will get a 404 error message because all the pages are indexed. The number of posts on a large website is very much, in such a situation it is very difficult to disable AMP after so many posts.

The high traffic on the website/blog also comes from the Smartphone itself. Now, in Smartphones, people mostly use the Internet and also do Browsing. Keeping this in mind, AMP was started. Its specialty is that it opens Webpages in the blink of an eye. This makes any type of blog/website capable of Superfast Browsing.

So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

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