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What is car insurance and know about car insurance

Do you have any vehicle like car, bike, etc. and the insurance of your bike or car is over, but you have not yet insured your vehicle. So you need to know what is the insurance of the car.

We spend a lot of time searching for new models, custom colors, higher safety features, which we love! But most of us know very little about car insurance and the facilities involved.

In true sense, even today there are many people who know how to drive a vehicle, but for a vehicle, one of the documents is necessary to document insurance, they do not even know and there are some who do not even What is car insurance and how to get a bike or car insurance? If you want to know how to ensure your vehicle, bike or car, then you will understand it well by reading this post.

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We all know that before driving any vehicle in India, it is mandatory to have insurance and if any person drives the vehicle on the road without it, then they can be punished as well as fine. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the vehicle.

What is car insurance

A type of car insurance is a weapon to deal with any accident, apprehension in the future, that when we go to get a new bike, the company gives you its insurance. In which the company promises to compensate you for any accident on the road in the vehicle or theft.

It is often seen that if you also ride a bike or a car, then when an accident occurs due to a vehicle on the road, then people start quarreling and then talk about compensation for the loss in the accident. Keeping all these in mind, vehicle insurance has been made mandatory in the Government of India so that people can quarrel with each other and take them directly from a provider company to compensate for the loss in the accident.

Let’s understand about this in detail by taking an example

If you have a vehicle bike or car when you drive it on the road, then if there is an accident or accident on the road, then in this situation both the bike and the person driving the bike are damaged. In such a situation, you have to spend your own money for the treatment of someone who is in the bike or any injury in our body, but if you have a vehicle bike or car insurance and suddenly there is an accident on the road then in that accident The company will pay you for all the damages caused by your vehicle, bike or tax, or the injury to your body.

Just you have to claim the company for this, then you can take compensation for any loss caused to you or your vehicle in a road accident. You will not have to end your own money. The auto insurance company does many types of vehicle insurance, which is explained in detail below.

What does car insurance cover?

A comprehensive car insurance plan comes under:

  • Damage or waste due to natural disaster:
  • Events about your control such as lightning, earthquake, flood, storm, cyclone, storm, landslide, etc.
  • Damage or waste due to man-made disaster:
  • Man-made disasters such as robbery, theft, riot, strike, terrorist activity, and any damage during the road, rail or water transport.

Personal accident cover

It secures the future of your family at the time of permanent disability or unfortunate death. You can get up to two lakhs for any damage done by the driver while traveling, riding a car or leaving. Some companies also provide alternate accident amounts to co-passengers.

Legal liability of the third party:

As mandated by law, this policy protects you against legal liability against accidental damage resulting in permanent injury or death of a third party. It also covers damage to nearby property.

Types of Vehicle Insurance

After reading so much about auto insurance, I am sure you must have understood how important it was to get auto insurance in India today. But now it is very important to know about all these types along with it because it is often seen that people do not know about which insurance should be done for the vehicle. Due to which most people are not able to choose the right insurance for their vehicle, so we have told them about the types of these below.

Third-Party Insurance

In this, the person who gets insurance is the first party. The company that insures is the other party. The third party is the one who suffers loss from the insured person. The third party is the one who claims for the loss. If a third party insures their vehicle, then the insurance company covers the loss in an accident with other people. And this type of insurance does not cover the accident with the vehicle or driver. Only the person who has caused an accident with your vehicle will be helped, that’s why this insurance is called third party insurance.

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For example, if you are driving on the road and an accident happens on the road in which any other person is hurt or there is any damage to his vehicle, the person in front will be compensated by the company but if you get hurt or If there is any loss in your bike, according to third party insurance, you will not be given any help from the insurance company.

Comprehensive And Full Party Insurance

This policy covers both the vehicle and the bike owner. That means if there is an accident on the road, then your vehicle and the one who has had an accident with your vehicle and all those who were in the vehicle will be provided financial assistance by the Insurance Insurance Company.

How to do car insurance?

Insuring the car is as easy as insuring the bike. To do this, you just have to follow 4 to 5 steps, which we have explained below.

  • First of all, you have to go to one of the websites given below, from which company you want to insure.
  • You will get 2 options to Renew Expiring and Buy New Policy as soon as you visit the website.
  • Here you have to insure the car, so click on the option of Buy New Policy.
  • Now here you will be asked the details of the car, so you have to fill the exact details of your car.
  • Next, select the number of years you want to insure here.
  • Now here you have to pay after selecting the year.
  • Your car will be insured as soon as you make a payment and on the next page you will get the policy number, you will get the option to print under it from where you can print and download it.

Get car insurance

From lime insured, you can buy your car insurance and get your claim online. Additionally, you can take advantage of their free garage facility to repair your car, which basically means that you do not have to spend a single penny to repair a car until you get service under the supervision of a garage. In case your car is serviced once on their network, you can claim the refund amount for it.

Care before you start

First of all, it is necessary to know what you are signing for, and if you have any questions, you are free to ask them. And, most importantly, drive safely.

I hope that the information given above would have been useful and understood all the information, but then if you have not understood anything in this article or have any problem related to it, or have to ask more about insurance. So you can ask us by commenting.

So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

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