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What is Bounce Rate and how to reduce it – SEO Topics

If you have your own blog or website, then you will definitely know a lot about Bounce Rate. If you always check your blog’s global rank, India rank, page per visitors in Alexa, and more sites, then you must also see the Bounce Rate with it. But a blogger feels bad when your site’s bounce rate is higher than average. This makes the authority and rank of his blog fall on its own.

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What is a Bounce Rate?

This is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who leave that site only after seeing any one page of that site. In other words, it is the percentage of people who see only one page at a time on your site and go elsewhere.

For example, the bounce rate of our site is 55-60%, which means that 55-60% of the total number of visitors visiting our site are those who have opened only one page on our site.

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Now think for yourself, the website which has the lowest bounce rate will be equally good.

If we talk about the ideal bounce rate, then it is less than 10%. Sites achieving less than 10% bounce rate are one in a million. More than 90% bounce rate means that there is no interest of people on your site. Generally, the bounce rate of medium level websites is between 45% and 85%.

What should be the bounce rate

By now, you must have thought a little about what the Bounce Rate is. In this, I will tell you how good the Bounce Rate of a website is, how much it will do, and which is useless for your site. To understand it properly, I have divided it into four parts.

If a blog has a bounce rate within 1% to 10%, then it comes in the list of successful websites of the world. After that, if it comes from 10%-40% then it is also good. Whereas in the third which is 40% to 70%, most of the websites are included on this basis. Which is not so good but the work is worth going. If we talk about all websites, then 75% to 80% of the total websites fall in this category. And after all, websites whose bounce rate is more than 70% are not good at all and they have to do a lot of work on their website. Now know which mistakes cause the bounce rate to be higher.

Which mistakes cause a website or blog to have higher Bounce Rate

These are some of the mistakes that a Blogger makes, which you must pay attention to.

  • The loading time of the website is high.
  • Having a Single Page Site.
  • Having bad quality content.
  • Internal link visitors should like.
  • Ranking on the wrong keywords for traffic.
  • Because of the lack of quality and content that the user likes.
  • Your website design to be useless.
  • The mess of formatting.
  • Heading of your content must be special.

How to reduce Bounce Rate?

By the way, if you search on Google on how to reduce the bounce rate, different websites will tell you different ways.

During the research, I found that some websites were increasing the length of the article by adding other topics unnecessarily instead of telling methods. For this reason, by compiling my complete research and as my personal judgment, below are the best ways to reduce the bounce rate for you, and that too briefly.

Site Design and Look Should Be Good

See, friends, you like what you see and then you are attracted. In the same way, if your website and blog look good, then visitors will come to your website more automatically and they will also love to read the content. Whenever you are designing your blog, it is very important to have knowledge of Color Combination. You have to understand that your visitors will like which color site.

If your website and blog look good, then visitors will come to your website more automatically and they will also love to read the content. Whenever you are designing your blog, it is very important to have knowledge of Color Combination. You have to understand that your visitors will like which color site.

Minimize Page Load Time

Page Load Time is a very important factor for any website. Apart from this, to rank even higher in Search Engine, the loading time of your website should be at least, because it is also an important SEO factor.

Provide Quality Content only

Providing quality content is associated with the reputation of any website. With the quality content, you can create your website’s user base and can run your website successfully in the long-term.

Some tips in this regard are given below and after the links of some useful articles have also been given for reference:

  • Each page of your website should have its own unique motive.
  • You should use proper headings and subheadings throughout your content.
  • Only target readers of a particular niche in content and for this use niche specific keywords only.
  • Keep your content error-free.
  • Also make proper use of the entire media in your content, such as images and videos.

Enter Visitors Friendly Heading

Anyone would feel bad for something from outside and something from inside. Often bloggers make this mistake and use clickbait headings which is not true at all. So if we link with the blog, then the thing is if you have given your Heading well according to yourself, but it is not understood by Visitor. And some other Topic has been written inside the heading that has been given. This will reduce the trust of visitors from the top of your site. I meant to say that the heading of your post should be understandable. Like I am giving an example.

If a visitor came to your site and he read an article well and then after reading the heading of another article, he went back. So what will happen with this, you will know that your site’s Bounce Rate will be higher. Keep your content updated as much as possible. So that you get the right information and the Visitor should stay on your side. Rank in Google will also be very quick due to good content.

Internal Link should open in another page

If you are putting your internal link on your site, then definitely focus on it. Whenever the visitor clicks on the internal link of your post, it should open in a new page. The article that the visitor was reading should also be open in one tab and open in another tab. This also reduces the bounce rate.


If you want to do something new in the world of blogging and want to make progress, then I hope that this article will be rightly helpful for you. By now you must have understood what Bounce Rate is (what is bounce rate in SEO) and how to Reduce Bounce Rate. Taking all the above methods in mind, take Blogging forward.

So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

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