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What is Advertising in SEO | Features of Advertising

What is Advertising in SEO, we will know what the purpose of advertising is, why people spend a large part of their budget on it nowadays. Apart from this, you will also know how to write advertisements(display advertising) and what are its benefits.

Never mind, this question has come to your mind today, so you have come to the right place. We have come here to this post only to answer the question going on in your mind.

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These are all the methods of publicity that you often see, but perhaps pay attention to them sometimes. Because we are able to pay attention to our work only. Nowadays everyone has an Android smartphone and also has an internet connection. Due to which people spend most of their time online. YouTube is used a lot in this. Meanwhile, many video ads are also shown. Through ads, we get to know about the products and services used in many lives, and their brand value is printed in our minds. And that’s how we go and buy that product.

What is Advertising in SEO?

Advertising is a communication way of telling the user about a product or service, so basically, through advertising, the company tries to tell people about its product or service in a very attractive way. Take interest in us and these advertisements are visible to us in the form of text, video, or image.

What is the purpose of advertising?

  • When a new product is launched, the public does not know anything about it. In such a situation, through publicity, its information is conveyed to every man very easily.
  • People are attracted to themselves by telling about the quality of any product and service.
  • The brand value of the product shown in the publicity is created by which people start to trust it.
  • The impression of that product is made in the minds of the customers. People like Pepsodent or Colgate instead of Toothpaste.
  • By increasing the discount on the product, the number of customers is increased and Selling also increases.
  • Through publicity, people also compare similar products and tell who is the best.
  • People believe in the product and they are liked by the whole family and use it wherever they go. In a way, make a habit for that particular product.
  • Balance is maintained due to the product in the market

Types of advertisement

We use the Internet every day. Every person now uses a smartphone. Whether you open Google or YouTube you will find publicity everywhere. Also on TV, whether you are watching News, Cricket, Serial or Movie, publicity will also be seen there. You see Ads in many ways. These are all different types of advertisements. Let us now know what kind of publicity is there.

Features of Advertising

Today is the time when the distance between people has ended. The biggest reason for this is the rapid development of technology every day. Now the distance has no meaning, everyone can be connected to anyone and anytime.

Every day the market is growing and someone wants to get hold of the market as well as make it firm. Those who are small businesses also want to enlarge themselves. And make every effort for it. In this episode, they resort to the advertisement. And we want to make our product available to every person in the world.

In the past, the sources were less and it was difficult to reach people, but right now you can reach your service or product very easily to millions of people. For this, different methods of propagation are used as per the requirement. Promotion is very important for a product. Because it is a mirror that tells all the quality about itself without reaching the people. Let us know what its importance is.

Item / Product Information

Through publicity, people get every information related to the product, what use is this item? And what is its specialty, as well as it is known that it is different from others?

  • Seller’s profit – Through publicity, not only the customer or consumer but also the shopkeeper who sells it gets benefits.
  • Build market – People get to know about new products. It is useful in making it a market for that product.
  • Economic Development – Publicity also contributes to the service of the nation. People are made aware of publicity. And in this way, the market also increases and the level of living of the people also increases. In this way, the economy of the country is strong and helps in the development of the country.

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How many advertising mediums are there?

Every area of ​​our life, whether internal or external, is associated with advertising. In such a situation, it is necessary that the advertisement is related to the customer according to its form. For this, he needs some medium. These advertising mediums are as follows:

  • Newspaper – Due to the increasing rate of literacy in India, increasing trend of urbanization and continuous increase in income, the readership of the newspaper is continuously increasing and it is a strong medium of advertisement.
  • Magazines – With the development of printing technology, today many magazines are being published in the country on various topics and issues. These magazines are of many periods, they are printed in weekly, fortnightly, monthly, all of them.
  • Radio – Radio penetration in far-flung areas of the country. Because of which awareness is spread among the people by advertising an organization.
  • Television – Advertisements through television change every minute and spread awareness to the public by doing different types of advertisements.
  • Internet – Internet has become a powerful medium of advertisement in present times. Where people have reduced their use of radio and newspapers, magazines and television, they see advertisements of their choice on the Internet all the time.
  • Social Media – Most people are seen on social media. Every time we get information about social media.
  • Video or Cinema – A lot of advertisements are shown in the cinema hall and every company is showing its video ads through roadside projectors.
  • Wall Writing – Every wall is advertised by drawing or writing.
  • Posters & Hoarding – Advertisements are done by posters or hoardings on the walls.

Qualities of Advertisement

  • Advertising should have the ability to attract attention.
  • Advertising should have original decorations.
  • Emphasize the basic feature of advertising.
  • Advertising should be comprehensible to every consumer.
  • Have a logical presentation of the facts.
  • Have mobility in advertising.
  • Pictures, written facts, trademarks, and titles, etc.
  • The advertisement should be interesting, captivating, repeatedly affect attention, which will force the consumer to buy the same.

How to write an advertisement

Whenever you start writing ads, there are some things that you need to pay attention to. We are going to tell those things here, so you must follow these things.

  • Make sure to write the name of the item you are writing the promotion for.
  • Write plain information about product quality.
  • Do not write imaginary things that have no connection with the product. Write on top of whatever is the reality.
  • Write something that is completely new and attractive because attracting people is the most important thing.
  • Write your lines like a poem that sounds good.
  • Take complete knowledge and information about the object, only then you will be able to write everything about it.

Why online advertising is more effective than offline advertising

In today’s time, almost all companies now show their advertisements to people online, due to which the value of offline advertising is decreasing and there are effective reasons.

First of all, it is now very easily accessible to the internet. So now people have not only connected to most of the internet, but people spend the most time of their day on social media, google, and youtube. So when most people are on the internet and spend most of their time there, why not show the company their product through internet advertisements.

Apart from this, through the internet, you can show your product at a completely global level, there is no time limit at any time because internet people have it as mobile, they can run it at any time, but in offline, such Does not happen Through offline, you can have the advertisement of your product up to a limited area and up to a limited time.

Also, online you can show your product through advertisements by targeting the same people who are interested in your product or service. It does not happen offline, suppose you put a banner on a public place, now people of different interests will come to that public place, there will be very few people who will keep the interest of your product, but online you can only advertise those people. You will show those who query about your product or service.

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So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

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