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What is acupressure roller | Used by PM Modi on the beach | know the benefits

Acupressure therapy offers a variety of rollers for hands, soles, and fingers.

What is the principle of acupressure

The main principle of acupressure is that every part of a human’s body is connected to a particular point on the palm and palm of the hand(acupressure roller). Although its relation is not known, it has been proved that if these points are given energy, then there is relief in many diseases of the body.

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Get instant rest from roller

Hand rollers and foot rollers are also available as acupressure devices, which claim to provide immediate relief in pain. These rollers can be used as a special kind of barbed tool between the two palms or under the soles of the feet. Apart from these two organs, such devices should be used only on the advice of a specialist doctor.

Plastic, not wood better

When using acupressure roller, it is better not to be made of plastic but of wood. Such plastic tools are also available in the market, but since nature is given importance in touch therapy, experts consider the use of wooden rollers only appropriate. If a roller made of wood is not available, then pen, pencil, comb or pulses and grains of grain are also used for pressure therapy at some points, but then it is advisable to consult this person only Therapy should be used.

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Diseases go away

By giving energy at these pressure points, it reaches the respective organs and provides relief. It is also claimed that gradually the disease goes away from that organ.

How to used acupressure roller

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had in his hand an acupressure roller which had some bulges. When you use this roller between the two hands or under the feet, the pressure points are active and energy reaches different parts of the body.

Hand pressure point

This is the pressure point on the wrist towards the smallest finger where your wrist ends. It plays an important role in reducing stress and controlling emotions. Stress is also a major cause of weight gain and diabetes, so there is a lot of benefit from massage here.

The advantages of acupressure roller

If you regularly give pressure on the points of hands and feet, then your health is good and there is no early illness. If there is a pain in stressing on a pressure point of your body, then you realize that there is some problem inside. Therefore, the disease is known in time.

Benefits of more than 5 minutes daily

It is beneficial in many diseases like diabetes, stress, sleepiness problem, hypertension, heart problem. You can also see its benefits by just giving 5 minutes of pressure daily.

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