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How exciting art is! First, it improves imagination and creativity. Secondly, it works really well for the nervous system and helps calm and concentrate. Third, nothing is cooler than making a piece of art to decorate your home. Today, we collected the best and easiest children’s craft ideas for you.

You can uproot a lot of things around you. For example, you can top up a paper roll by painting your favorite color, cutting it into pieces, and creating a beautiful and airy composition for a blank wall in your home.

You can not only paint on paper. There are many things that you can use as a canvas. For example … an egg tray! Using an egg tray, you can make a beautiful 3D picture. Another good painting idea for your home is a picture with your hands. This is a great way to make a family portrait.

There is another option of simple painting – you can paint directly on the wood with yarn. For these crafts, you will also need a handful of nails. Ask your parents if you can help hammer and create your own masterpiece.

There are also some good ideas with wax crayons. You can make amazing pictures with sliced ​​wax crayons. Another way is to make colorful rain of crayons. For this craft, you will need the help of your parents and a hairdryer.

Watch this video till the end and learn how to save your precious memories using magnets and metal caps.


1:07 – painting on an egg tray
4:05 – Draw with your children
7:36 – Family Magnet
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