Top cool Google search tricks for better searching in 2019-20

Top cool Google search tricks

Millions of people do many types of searches on Google every day. For students school, a businessman for your business, for entertainment, for research, you will be using Google many times a day for many such reasons.

But chances are you are still using Google in a simple way. Do you know that you are not using Google search to its full potential?

If you think that you are a master of Googling, and you know everything about Google search, then take a look at Google search tips. Because, according to a recent test, many users were not able to perform well on Google.

Top cool Google search tricks for better searching in 2019-20

Search within a website

If you know that what you want to search will be found on a specific web site, then you can use Google to search the content on that web site. With the ‘site’ command, you can limit your search. For this, first, write the site in Google search, then give the colon and write the URL of the site and finally the content of the search.

Use the power of the asterisk

Asterisk wildcard is one of the most useful tips on this list.
Do these wildcards include, #, and? Is included. When you want to expand your search, use these wildcards. Use the star as a placeholder for unknown words. For example, when you search for how to check RAM *, it will not only search for RAM, but it will also search for RAMs. Well, just use “?” For an unknown letter.

Use quotes for precise fragments

The easiest and most effective way to search for a specific thing is to search it by typing in quotes. This will save a lot of time searching on Google.

When you type the words of your search in quotes, it tells the search engine that only those pages should have search results in which those words are exactly the same. This will give you the exact result.

Otherwise, you know, without writing in quotes, the search result will come with a mess.

Search for related sites

This is a unique feature of Google, which can be used by anyone if they know this thing. Let’s say, you have a favorite website, on which you always go. But after some time you find this web site a bit boring and want to search for other websites like it. So use this trick at such a time.
When you do this search, you will get the results of other sites like Amazon.

Search except for unwanted terms

Let’s say that you want to search for how to check RAM, but its search results are very numerous. It also has results that you don’t need, such as ram speed.

So you can tell Google, what search terms do not want results in search results. And then the result of those words will be removed from the search results.

Find how many pages the web page links

If you want to know how many other pages link to a website or web page, then use the link command in Google. Google will give you a list of how many pages this web page is linked to.

Search the restaurant

If you have to search for restaurants near you, search restaurants near me in Google and Google will give a list of restaurants near you.

Travel Time

In Google, you can see the approximate travel time between two places. For this, just type travel time between Destination 1 and Destination 2.

Use calculator in Google

If you want to do a calculator, and you don’t have a calculator yet, there is no need to worry about going through Google. Just search the calculator in Google and then do mathematical calculations.

Search International Timings

You can use Google to know the current time of any country.

Only get results of a specific period

If you want search results of a topic or news from a specific period, you can do this on Google. Click the search tools at the bottom of the search box and select the time period. And then Google will give you the result based on this time period.

Translate Quickly

If you want to translate a word into another language, Google will do it for you. For this, type translate text to language.

Google Meteorologist

If you search for “weather” on Google, Google will present the information about Google’s weather channel in an interactive card. By default, typing “weather” will provide weather information for the location of your IP address.
However, you can also search for weather information about other locations. For this, write the name of the place in front of weather in Google

Search Local Attraction

If you always travel, then this feature of Google is very useful for you. In Google, you can search for local attractions of any city with images. For this, type attractions next to the city name in the search.

So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.


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