Top 10 DEADLIEST Backrooms Levels…

Hey all! In this HUGE video I talk about the most dangerous, deadly, and SCARIEST backrooms levels that the wikidot has… hope you enjoyed these 🙂 from the end of the F*ck*ng world, to the dangers of level -4, this one is INSANE!

Source for all levels in this vid:

Middle song:

by TheRelaxedMovement.
Check ’em out here:…

Outro Song:
♪ Cheel (Lazy Walk)
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Cutscene song:
Casa Bossa Nova by Kevin MacLeod
Promoted by MrSnooze
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Intro 0:00
The Blackout 3:03
Level 611 5:21
Level 171 9:51
The Shady Grey 12:25
Level -2 19:38
Level -4 27:37
The END 30:58
Level 69 35:14
The Hive 40:19
Outro 43:05

◦The background video was created by me in Filmora10, and the content in this video was scripted, formatted, and narrated by me using After Effects & Filmora 10.

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