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Top 10 Best places to travel in the world in 2020 – Best Travel Places

Destinations were determined after the company analyzed its internal data for cities and countries reserved for 2020 trips(Best places to travel in the world), compared to the destinations that were most reserved at the same time last year.

These are the Best places to travel in the world in 2020, but, of course, the options are endless. For more inspiration, take a look at the best places to go on vacation every month of the year.

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Top 10 Best places to travel in the world in 2020 – Best Travel Places

Kyoto, Japan

Hot hotel openings and sports shows in the eternal city of Japan

Kyoto is an effortless mix of past and present. Its futuristic railway station purrs like a well-oiled engine, while beyond the modern shopping centers and glassy hotels you will find quiet Karesansui rock gardens and ancient Shinto shrines.

The city is likely to receive a new influx of visitors, many of them first-time, at the end of 2019, as Japan hosts the Rugby World Cup (the first time the tournament is held in Asia). As inquisitive fans explore beyond the cities of the designated stadium, Kyoto could see their numbers increased significantly.

Of course, Japan will also host “the big ones“: the 2020 Olympics and hoteliers in Kyoto are increasing their rooms to account for the crowds. Hotel Fauchon, the second hotel of the Parisian delicatessen brand, will open next year in the central district of Shimogyo-Ku, full of busy izakaya pubs and the Shosei-en garden of the feudal era. The brilliant Ace Hotel has also chosen Kyoto for its next Asian outpost, which will be launched in spring 2020. The building has been designed by world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma, who also drew up the architectural plans for the New Tokyo National Stadium, which will be used in the 2020 Games.


Ecological retreats put an idyllic isthmus back on the map

From coffee plantations and cloud forests to strong Spanish ruins and footprint-free islands, Panama has the products, but not the number of visitors. But it seems that will change with the opening of the eco-retreat of Dry Islands in December 2019(Best places to travel in the world), which gives access to 14 small rugged islands in the Gulf of Chiriquí on the Pacific coast bathed by the sun of Panama.

Launched 33 nautical miles from the mainland, the full-service out-of-network escape, which previously only had a group of beach yurts and a basic fishing hut, comprises four individual house sites, with capacity for only 18 guests On one of the islands. The residences, nestled in the tropical forest full of toucans on the island, are designed with privacy in mind, each with an outdoor terrace area, a deep pool and a thatched cottage.

The marine park has one of the largest coral reefs in the Pacific, which means that the waters surrounding the Dry Islands bubble with eagle rays, humpback whales, hammerhead sharks and Ridley olive turtles in danger of extinction. Guests can sail, snorkel and Seabob, and there will be a dive instructor on-site, two equipped fishing boats and an adventure concierge designated to advise on the best opportunities to observe wildlife.

One hundred percent of the energy used here will be generated by the sun; 100 percent of food waste will be recycled or composted; 100% of wastewater will be reused for irrigation, and 75 percent of the remote archipelago has been completely intact. Here you will not find single-use plastics and the removal was built with certified sustainable wood.

Awesome, but these green credentials also extend beyond. The Dry Islands Foundation supports local organizations for the conservation of land, water, and wildlife, as well as community programs in the region. Next year, a field station will open for scientists to observe migratory humpback whales, and guests are encouraged to participate in research and conservation efforts.

The British Virgin Islands

The kid back from the Caribbean

The British Virgin Islands suffered terribly from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the first the most powerful that hit the Atlantic, and fate experienced a 90 percent loss in tourism as a direct result of the damage. But in the last two years, after extensive renovations and reopening of hotels, these durable and cheerful islands, flooded with pearly bays and bright neon fish banks, are finally recovering.

Oil Nut Bay was one of the first to relaunch in early 2019, with the recall, which stretched 300 acres on the eastern end of Virgin Gorda, adding a group of two-bedroom villas and private suspended pools (accessible only by helicopter or boat). Similarly, privately owned Guana Island houses seven caramel beaches that span more than 850 acres but houses up to 35 guests.

In addressing the urgent need to replant the native trees of the island, the charity Seeds of Love, founded in 2017 when Gabi Romberg, of the German tourism agency of the islands, began a fundraising campaign to replant coconut trees on beaches decimated, it is increasing its efforts to raise awareness and funds. While empowering local communities, it also calls on “volunteers” to help plant vital and life-giving vegetation.

In August 2019, the Beyond the Reef project saw the remains of three planes and the old Willy T Ship, left after the devastation of Hurricane Irma, sank into the ocean. The team worked solidly for several months to strip vessels of all hazardous materials and cut holes in their surfaces to create practical access for deep dives. The resulting dive sites will raise money, which will go to local communities and be used to teach local children to swim.

These previously virgin islands have demonstrated their temper after the disaster and should soon be rewarded with the return of travelers.

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Qingdao, China

This evergreen Chinese city is dumping a new leaf

Qingdao, on the Yellow Sea coast of China, is a place of stimulating contrasts, where German historical buildings (remnants of their occupation at the end of the 19th century) face dazzling modern sculptural art. The fresh air of the sea keeps the coast of Qingdao cool while the inland cities suffocate during the hot summer months. Fortunately, the ubiquitous local Tsingtao beer is also available to keep dry throats at bay.

The mix of architecture in this intriguing city, from its former concession-era mansions to its gleaming hillside villas with red roofs, distinguishes it from some of China’s comparatively heartless industrial centers, with glass tiles and blue tiles. The green city also frequently tops the habitability lists, with its lush parks, well-trodden pedestrian walks and attractive hiking trails in the scenic area of ​​Lao Shan, east of the city, that meander through granite peaks covered in fog and bubbling spring water pools (The Taoist priests once declared this place as the home of immortal beings and sacred waters).

But Qingdao is about to become even greener with the arrival of the new China Eden in 2020, the first of its kind outside the United Kingdom. The project, designed in collaboration with London-based Grimshaw Architects, also behind the Eden Project in Cornwall, is being built on a large area of ​​reclaimed and environmentally damaged land at the confluence of two rivers, which was originally used for the production of salt and prawns. farming.

Portland, Maine, USA UU

A port city with a food scene shooting at full throttle

Portland, Maine Not to be confused with Portland, Oregon. Although cities share equally fiery fixations with food. The Portland gastronomic scene is as diverse as one would expect from a place with such obscene wealth of products at your fingertips: this is a city where the local bluefish is so fresh that it is almost still pouring into the plate. Eventide Oyster Co. (pictured) serves first-class seafood, while Jewish delicatessen such as Rose Foods and Sisters, low sushi bars and hipster trucks are scattered throughout the city, distributing everything from the Mexican-Korean fusion in Seoul tacos with exquisite ramen and octopus fritters at Mami Food Truck on Fore Street. You’ll also find superlative goodies at Tandem Coffee + Bakery (choose a chocolate cake with malt) and Belleville on North Street. And while promoting your lobster rolls and seasonal scallops on Instagram (Bite into Maine makes amazing wasabi mayonnaise rolls just for your information), don’t forget to visit the random guy who sells temaki rolls from a Yeti refrigerator next to the street. It could be best you eat all year. The new gastronomic openings here are frequent and fruitful. They can easily be traced on the Portland Food Map, a collaborative effort of the Portland food community.

In recent years, the city’s hotel scene has also seriously raised its game, with exclusive places that sprout like flowers on fresh soil. You will find many boutique hotels, such as The Francis and the lovingly restored Inn on Carleton, in the historic West End, while conversions of industrial and commercial buildings offer new modern alternatives in the center (try The Press Hotel, in the former headquarters of Portland Press Herald, for its old typewriters and its expanded news copy on the wall). A little further, the island’s resorts in Casco Bay, 15 minutes by ferry from the mainland, allow you to escape the city completely.

A couple of hours further north you will also find Deer Isle, accessible by bridge from the Blue Hill Peninsula in Penobscot Bay. This is a place fed by lobster meat, and you will see primary-colored buoys hung throughout the city (your work port is the most active lobster port in Maine). The coastal archipelagos of Deer Isle and the old granite quarries are not only spectacularly beautiful but also preserved for future generations by the Island Heritage Trust. Go now and you may find the only souls around.

Egadi Islands, Sicily

Five isolated islands, rich in history, ready to leave their mark

The secret beaches of butter sand and the sunken wrecks of the Egadi archipelago are buzzing with the quiet hum that envelops something special. Well-informed travelers who were previously attracted to the Aeolian islands bathed in the sun of Sicily are looking further to feed their craving for affordable and slow places that other tourists have not reached. Launched off the western coast of Sicily, a short hydrofoil ride from Trapani, the Egadi archipelago consists of the islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo and the rocky islets of Formica and Marrone.

The butterfly-shaped Favignana, the largest of the five islands(Best places to travel in the world), offers mountains dotted with bushes and bamboo-framed photographic sun loungers on the beach. The streets are lined with foliage and can be ridden by bicycle, and the island also houses the Stabilimento Florio, an old cooperage or tuna factory, which is now a fishing and maritime museum.

Levanzo is the smallest and perhaps the most exquisite of the three main islands, with a jumble of whitewashed houses clustered around the harbor like crooked teeth. Here, diving enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the atmospheric remains of a Roman shipwreck dotted with amphorae and fragments of black glazed pottery. On the mainland, rock art figures scratched on the walls of the Grotta del Genovese date back to the Paleolithic era.

Marettimo, considered by some to be the ancient homeland of Odysseus, is a hiker’s dream, and the trails will take him beyond the Norman castles and Byzantine churches. Climb to Pizzo Falcone, at a majestic height of 2,300 feet above sea level, the highest point on the island, to get air sprinkled with the scent of fragrant plants and the sight of the peregrine falcons that circulate above.

You will not want wildlife here. The islands represent the largest protected marine area in Europe, and the seabed houses extensive submerged meadows of Poseidon seagrasses, which provide valuable reproductive habitat for many migratory fish and seabirds, as well as one-size Caretta Caretta sea turtles Coffee table and rare monk seals.

Paris, France

New and modern openings revive the enduring appeal of the city

Well, Paris never left, but it seems that a series of new and elegant openings will attract a new crowd to the City of Light. A collective respite is still being held for the opening of J K Place Rive Gauche, which was scheduled to open its doors in the summer of 2019, but is still delayed. Until then, the eyes are firmly focused on the new batch next year. First: Bulgari Hotel Paris, designed by Parisian architects Valode & Pistre (the team responsible for reviewing the design of the Gare du Nord) will adorn the bright cobblestones of the Triangle d’Or. Bulgari’s eighth outpost will have a spa and a swimming pool, a restaurant with a contemporary Italian menu designed by chef Niko Romito, awarded a Michelin star, and a leafy courtyard garden.

The first half of 2020 will also see the new Cheval Blanc Paris open its doors on the banks of the Seine. The hotel will be housed in the former Art Deco La Samaritaine building, once a large department store that sells designer products to elegant shoppers. A landscaped terrace on the famous glass roof of the building and a restaurant supervised by chef Arnaud Donckele awarded three Michelin stars, will undoubtedly attract a great crowd. On top of that, 2020 will see the first Kimpton hotel in France open in the Opéra district; our designer Philippe Starck will supervise a new MGallery by Sofitel; and there is also a new offer of Soho House in process, which will open in the modern neighborhood of Pigalle.

Meanwhile, billionaire art collector François Pinault has been investing his money in the development of an ambitious new art space located in the historic Stock Exchange (the old stock exchange) near the Louvre. The new museum of modern art has been designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando, ​​while the circular panoramic painting that covers the giant dome of the building, which represents world trade at the end of the 19th century, has been restored as part of the project.

Galway, Ireland

All eyes on the European Capital of Culture 2020

Next year, the effervescent city on the west coast of Ireland will open its arms to the world as it becomes the European Capital of Culture 2020. With its excess of traditional pubs that overflow the cheerful music of bodhrán and violin, The Bohemian city has spent 2019 testing new community heritage and art projects, such as pop-up cafes and funambulist workshops. But the best is yet to come in 2020, with some fabulous events to be held in the pubs, centers and beaches of Galway, including the new works of art by David Best (of Burning Man’s fame) and a series of readings Homer Odyssey’s intimates (using Emily Wilson English translation, the first of a woman) on the windy beaches of Galway. Margaret Atwood will also participate in the International Women’s Day celebrations in March.

The designation of Galway as the European Region of Gastronomy of 2018 has already consolidated it as an effervescent gastronomic center. The brilliant beard JP McMahon is Galway’s most prominent chef, which earned the city his first Michelin star in 2012. He is also the man behind the annual Food on the Edge symposium to explore the future of food, which will take place at the end of October 2019. which attracts big names like Nathan Outlaw and Skye Gyngell. Ambitiously modern, Loam has joined the McMahon 24-deck Aniar as one of the two Michelin-starred joints in the city, but what is happening outside the Michelin inspector’s notebooks is the most exciting.

Galway is home to the longest-lasting oyster festival in the world (65 years of scrapping so far), which also sees the World Oyster Opening Championship that fosters competitive fervor among seafood enthusiasts. You will find local Dooncastle and Flaggy Shore oysters (as well as natural wines and exquisite seaweed biscuits) served at the last opening of McMahon, Tartare. And in nearby Burren, an hour from the city, a number of local producers are really reinforcing Galway’s gourmet credentials, with a focus on fish smoking, cheese making and small-batch processing.

As expected, the city, which is also a midpoint stop along the glorious 1550 mile driving route of Wild Atlantic Way, will welcome a group of new hotel openings in 2020 – Best places to travel in the world. The most promising of which seems to be Dean Galway’s sister. hotel in the moody atmosphere of Brooklyn Dean Dublin, in the place of an old dry cleaner in Bohermore.

Kangaroo Island, Australia

Eco-luxury openings abound in this remote wildlife paradise


With milky turquoise seas, steep limestone cliffs and eucalyptus forests full of big-bellied koalas, Kangaroo Island, 70 miles from mainland Australia, is a wildlife refuge in good faith. More than a third of the island is protected and hosts native species, such as brown bandicoots, spiky short-beaked echidnas, and the island’s own kangaroo subspecies, while the surrounding seas are agitated with sea lions and killer whale pods. But despite its wild charm, Australia’s third-largest island is still wonderfully underdeveloped.

The high-impact and low-impact eco-resorts, including the magnificent Southern Ocean Lodge, make KI a privileged place for conscientious travelers, and a handful of new green openings ensure that the virgin island is a more attractive perspective than ever. Earlier this year, Ecopia Retreat opened in the center of the island, offering easy access to the sand dunes of Little Sahara (good for sandboarding and waterslides) and the sea lion colony of Seal Bay; The new Stowaway villas near Stokes Bay in the north, with uninterrupted panoramic views of the island’s native bushes, are robust luxury at its best.

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The summer of 2019 also saw the opening of the incredibly luxurious Hamilton & Dune beach houses at Emu Bay (with 24-hour concierge service and views of the pristine and mottled penguin coast), and the only slightly more modest, completely Off-grid, Oceanview Eco Villas, made with recycled jarrah wood and owned by local wildlife guide Tim Wendt and his wife Tamsin.

This is also a place for food fans. In April 2020, Tasting Australia will come to the island for a 10-day gastronomic festival that will showcase the flourishing experiences of KI in the winery and regional award-winning products, from native juniper gins and gourmet sheep cheeses to southern rock lobster and honey produced by Ligurian. bees, which is believed to be the last remaining stock of pure bee found anywhere in the world

In December 2020, new organic stores will also open on the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail, a five-day, a 40-mile hike that makes its way through majestic sugar gum forests and wildflower heaths.

Plymouth, United Kingdom

British beach with a lot of heritage

The coastal city of Plymouth has long sailed under the radar. But he is beginning to ignore his (unjustified) representative roughly around the edges. The arrival of restaurants of high-profile chefs such as Mitch Tonks and Marco Pierre White, as well as a project of regeneration facing the sea of ​​billions of pounds, means that this coastal city, once tired, begins to be seen in the form of a boat again.

In the old port, you will find beautiful Elizabethan gardens, contemporary art galleries and beachfront cafes that extend across the cobblestones (Plymouth has the highest concentration of cobbled streets in Britain). There is history in these ports, and 2020 marks a historic year for Plymouth that, for centuries, has had its fortune molded by the sea. On September 16, 1620, the square-rigged Mayflower sailed from Plymouth on his trip to the New World (or as we know it now, the United States of America) in search of a life of religious freedom.

More than 30 million US citizens, including several US presidents. UU., Reams of writers and poets and celebrities such as Clint Eastwood, Marilyn Monroe, and Hugh Hefner, can trace their roots to one of the 102 passengers and 30 crew who made the epic journey.

Plymouth celebrates the 400-year anniversary with a program of over 100 l of events, which includes a festival of light-based art installations scattered throughout the city, and This Land, a theatrical production made by Plymouth locals and members of the Wampanoag tribe of the Native Americans. Another great cultural event for 2020 will be the opening of The Box, a large-scale cultural attraction, developed on the site of the former Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery. The new building will house Plymouth’s most important heritage collections in one place, including footage from TV and movies, vintage photography and both historical and contemporary art. The old Plymouth docks are regaining their enthusiasm.

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