Tomato Will Cure Many Diseases – Know Why it is a BOON for HEALTH


Tomato is one of the most used vegetables in the world, tomato is used prominently in Indian cuisine. Without it, it is not possible to think of salads, soups, vegetables, pickles, chutneys, catchups etc.

Tomato has many beneficial elements that enable it to cure diseases.

Cancer disease: In fact, tomatoes are high in tomato antioxidants, vitamins A and C, which naturally fight cancer. May reduce the risk of many cancers including prostate, cervix, mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, stomach, rectum, rectal, prostate and ovarian cancer. Due to this, human health is also good.

Arthritis or back pain: Tomato can reduce arthritis or back pain. Why tomatoes contain high bioflavonoids and carotene known as an anti-inflammatory factor. This brings energy to the body and gradually reduces arthritis or back pain.

Blood sugar: Tomatoes are an excellent source of chromium which helps in controlling blood sugar. Blood sugar remains balanced by its use and human beings feel healthy and healthy.

Know why tomatoes are a BOON for HEALTH

  • Tomato is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C. In the case of acidity problem, increasing the dose of tomatoes relieves this problem.
  • Tomato contains a lot of vitamin ‘A’, which is very beneficial for our eyes.
  • Tomato increases digestive power and also eliminates gas problems.
  • Doctors, regular intake of tomato keeps the airways clean and cures cough, mucus.
  • Children are benefited by giving tomato juice in case of the dry disease. It also helps in rapid development.
  • Consuming a glass of tomato juice in the morning is beneficial for pregnant women as well.
  • Tomato is very useful for the health of diabetes and heart disease.
  • Consuming tomatoes also helps cancer patients, as well as it helps in clearing phlegm and stomach.
  • If there is a chance of getting worms in the stomach, then after eating a tomato in the morning, apply ground black pepper and eat it, the insects die. If you want, you can drink black pepper dipped tomato soup.
  • Mix raw milk and lemon juice in tomato pulp and apply on the face.

Talking about its benefits, it can be used to prevent cancer, in many problems related to the heart, to clean the blood, to remove toxins from the body, to control cholesterol levels and to keep the eyesight right. Is very beneficial.



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