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The latest features of WhatsApp: fingerprint lock, new group privacy settings and more

New features of WhatsApp for Android users, iPhone. (Source Image: Pixabay)

In the last few days, WhatsApp introduced new features for its Android and iOS applications. The new features of WhatsApp are available for everyone to use now. Users must download and update WhatsApp to the latest version for these functions.

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Some of these features were tested in beta for some time before the official release. WhatsApp fingerprint lock is now available on Android, a feature that iPhone users had since February of this year. WhatsApp also updated its group privacy settings for Android and iOS, and iPhone users can now see the progress of Netflix within the application. Let’s take a look at the new features of WhatsApp.

The latest features of WhatsApp: fingerprint lock, new group privacy settings and more

Group Privacy Settings

WhatsApp updated its group privacy settings earlier this week. WhatsApp users can prevent others from adding them to the groups by selecting “Nobody”, “My contacts” or “Everyone”. WhatsApp has now replaced “Nobody” with “My contacts except”, allowing users to manually choose which contacts to block so as not to add them to groups.

Fingerprint lock

Fingerprint lock is finally available on WhatsApp for Android. As the name implies, this feature allows users to block WhatsApp with their phone’s fingerprint sensor. Users can enable this by selecting Account> Privacy> Fingerprint Lock. iPhone users already have this feature where they can use Face ID or Touch ID to block WhatsApp.

Dark mode on the WhatsApp website

WhatsApp Web has an alternative solution that enables dark mode. WhatsApp Web users can install the Stylus browser extension in Chrome or Firefox and enable dark mode. Note that this is not the official dark mode of WhatsApp, but it is useful for people who cannot wait for the change.

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