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The Fear of Starting | Mark Soderwall | TEDxRedding

The Fear of Starting | Mark Soderwall

Mark Soderwall shares how to conquer the fear of initiation and let your thoughts lose in a world that awaits.

Mark Soderwall has professionally directed and designed video games for the past three decades, including LucasArts, ATARI, and Electronic Arts. Help Mark visually defines and create experiences on StarWars, CloneWars, LEGO, and Terminator for players around the world.

Now Mark is a full-time creative entrepreneur, co-founding two successful startups in Redding, California as well as an online university that teaches aspiring game developers how to successfully break into and develop their games and businesses.

As a public speaker, Mark makes annual tours to conferences and industry colleges to stimulate young entrepreneurs. He currently lives in Redding, California. Mark is married with three beautiful children and two grandchildren who constantly inspire his creative endeavors!

This talk was delivered at a TEDx event using a TED conference format but organized independently by the local community. Learn more at

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