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AI has been rapidly taking over the video editing world, with good reasons! Editing with AI saves a lot of time, no matter how advanced you are as a video editor. In this video, you’ll learn about VEED’s incredible and helpful AI features you can find in the video editor, to further speed up the process of creating amazing videos! 🚀

We cover four AI tools within VEED’s video editor, and announce an upcoming AI feature we can’t wait to release! We cover the AI video editing features one by one.

The first AI feature covered in the video is VEED’s automatic subtitle tool. This feature allows you to automatically transcribe audio and video files to text in a matter of clicks. The tool automatically turns the transcript into synced subtitles, which you can further edit within the editor.

You can download your autogenerated subtitles as an SRT, VTT or TXT file, so you can use them for your blogs, or as closed captions for your YouTube videos, for instance. You can also choose to further customize the style of your subtitles choosing a subtitle preset and/or changing the font, sizing, colors, add effects, automatic subtitle text animations , you name it. You can export your video with these subtitles burned into the video.

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The second AI feature revolves around the clean audio tool. This option allows you to automatically remove the background noise of your video in a click of a button. Do you have sounds of construction work in the background? Or maybe your microphone caught some wind, humming or hissing? Then this AI background noise remover feature might be relevant for you!

The third AI feature VEED has to offer revolves around removing the background of your video. In one click, the AI background remover tool removes the background behind the person in the video. From here, you can add screen shots, images and videos behind the cutout, as you’re free to fully reposition and resize everything in the video canvas.

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The fourth AI feature mentioned covers the text-to-speech option. This option allows you to turn any piece of text into speech, which is generated by an AI voice. You can choose a language/accent and a voice, and add the text you want the text-to-speech voice to say in a natural way!

And… of course, the AI feature announcement: we introduce you, the Eye Contact Correction tool. This feature is soon to be released, as well as many others, so stay tuned! 🥳

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Enjoy and good luck! 🍀


🚀 4 Amazing AI Tools within VEED’s Simple Online Video Editor:
00:00 Intro – AI Tools for Video Editing
00:25 AI Feature #1: Auto Subtitle
02:26 AI Feature #2: Clean Audio
03:18 AI Feature #3: Remove Background
04:30 AI Feature #3: Text to Speech
05:48 AI Feature Announcement: Eye Contact Correction

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