The Battle For The Top 10 Greatest 360 Flips Of All Time #skateboarding #360flip #battle
In “The Battle For The Top 10 Greatest 360 Flips Of All Time” we attempt to conclude the recent ongoing debate over what is “the most famous 360 flip” or the gnarliest, best, highest, fastest, longest, wildest, whatever it may be. It’s too difficult to narrow it down to one specific tre flip per person ,so we also through in sort of a “best of” per skater. The video ends with raw footage of Chris Joslin’s epic battle versus the Davis Gap. We kicked off the 360 Flip saga with “100 Different Ways To Do A 360 Flip w/ Chris Joslin”, followed it up with “Chris Joslin VS El Toro 20 Stair” and eventually that led us to “The Most Famous 360 Flip Ever Done” starring Chris Joslin and Chris Cole. These ten, in our eyes, stand out BUT something tells us that this debate will go on forever. So what are YOUR thoughts? What are the top ten greatest 360 flips of all time? Did we get it right? Did we get it wrong? Are we missing any? Be sure to subscribe for weekly content and check out the website for merchandise! Shop STORIED merchandise at



Nick Fiorini – “A Happy Medium”
Josh Hawkins -”A Happy Medium”
Ryan Decenzo – Red Bull Skate “Sender Bender”, ETN “Face Melters”
Chris Joslin – STORIED ”Chris Joslin VS El Toro 20”, Etnies “Welcome To The Team”, Thrasher My War, Ground Control
Chris Cole – Zero “New Blood”, “Dying To Live”
Pj Ladd – “Wonderful, Horrible Life”, Flip “Really Sorry”
Sean Malto – Mountain Dew “Back To KC”
Justin Brock – Southern Comfort, Nike SB “Nothing But The Truth”, Nike SB “Debacle”
Matt Miller – Expedition, Transworld “And Now”
Levi Brown – Element “Quattro”
Nick Dompierre – Real “Roll Forever”
Mason Silva – Thrasher “Spitfire Part”
Caswell Berry – Thrasher “Jaded”
Mark Appleyard – Flip “Sorry” “Extremely Sorry”, Transworld “IE”
Stefan Janoski – Transworld “Subtleties” “Show Me The Way”, Habitat “Inhabitants”
Arto Saari – Flip “Really Sorry”
Antwuan Dixon – Baker Skateboards “Baker 3”
Jason Lee – Blind “Video Days”
Wade Desarmo – DGK “It’s Official”
Mike Carroll – Transworld “Modus Operandi”
Jamie Tancowny – Zero “Strange World”
Kelly Hart – Kayo Corp “It’s Official”
Eric Kunmann – LOVE Park
Rodney Mullen – Plan B “Virtual Reality”
Andrew Reynolds – Emerica “This Is Skateboarding”
Nyjah Huston – Element “Rise And Shine”
Paul Rodriguez
Chris Troy – Black Label
Justin Figueroa – Emerica, Thrasher
Lucas Puig – Lakai “Fully Flared”
Danny Way – Plan B “Superfuture”
Andrew Brophy – DVS Shoes
Dylan Rieder – Alien Workshop “Mind Field”
Cairo Foster – Transworld “The Reason”
Kris Marcovich – Prime “Fight Fire With Fire”
Enzo Cautela – Krux Trucks, Bones Wheels
Daewon Song – Almost “Round Three”
Geoff Rowley – 411, Flip “Sorry”
Josh Kasper – Blind
Brandon Westgate – Emerica “Made”, “Stay Gold”
Bryan Herman – Emerica “Stay Gold”, Baker “Baker 3”
Ryan Sheckler – Plan B “True”, Thrasher Bust Or Bail
Josh Kalis – Toy Machine “Heavy Metal”, Alien Workshop “Photosynthesis”, DGK
Felipe Gustavo with the iphone angle!

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Thumbnail Photos:
Ryan Decenzo by Cody Moyles
Chris Joslin by Jeremy Adams

0:00 Intro
3:38 The Top 10
4:30 The Top 5
5:30 The Number 1 Spot with Chris Joslin
5:50 Chris Joslin Battle Davis Gap 360 Flip

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