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Some places in India where Indians have{No Entry} – Travel Places

Perhaps you are surprised to know that there are many places in India too, where the entry of Indians is banned(NO ENTRY), whereas foreign tourists get free entry to such places.

These places include some of the most famous and famous hotels in India, which we are telling you below in this article of ours.

Few places in India where Indians have ‘no entry’

Goa is one of the popular and favorite tourist places of India, most of the people here wish to spend their holidays, but in this union territory, there are some ‘Foreigners Only‘ beach where Indians are not allowed to enter, here Entry is given only to the foreigners.

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Some places in India where Indians have – No Entry

Behind the entry ban of Indians, it is also believed that Indian women are forced to make a ban on the dress of foreign women and seeing them, therefore foreign tourists are preferred here. At the same time, there are some restaurants where the Indian is banned.

Kasaul Cafe in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh – Kasol Cafe

Kasaul in Himachal Pradesh is also one of the major tourist destinations in India, but surprisingly, there is a cafe here where Indians are not allowed inside. There is a free Kasol Cafe, where entry is given only to tourists coming from Israel.

At the same time, this cafe came in the discussion in the year 2015, when the Indian woman was not allowed inside this cafe. After this, the woman’s post also made a lot of headlines on social media. Let us tell you that Kasaul is also known as Mini Israel.

Lodge in Chennai where Indians do not get entry – Thai hotel Chennai

There is a hotel in Chennai where Indians do not get entry, only those who have foreign passports can go here, surprisingly, this hotel also does not apply Indian policies. This hotel is known as ‘Thailand Hotel‘ or ‘Brodland Lodge’.

Uno-in-hotel in Bangalore – Hotel Uno In in Bangalore

There was a ban on the entry of Indians into the Uno-in-hotel in Bangalore, popularly known as IT hub, the hotel was built in the year 2012, it is said that this hotel was built for the Japanese people, i.e. The hotel only served tourists from Japan, although the hotel was sealed in 2014 due to allegations of racial discrimination.

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Some islands of Lakshadweep group – Lakshadweep Islands

Who does not want to see the beauty of Lakshadweep islands, people are planning holidays to spend their time in these beautiful backgrounds, but do you know that there is a need for a permit for entry here, whether you are foreign or not Why be an Indian only.

Here foreign tourists can visit the islands of Bangaram, Agatti, and Kadmat, while Indians are not allowed to visit these islands, Indians can plan their holidays on beautiful islands like Amini, Minicoy, etc.

So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

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