Solve 10 Riddles to Call Yourself a True Detective

Once, Adam agreed to take part in a popular TV show. He had to crack logic puzzles and solve detective riddles to get $1 million! If only he knew at that moment where this decision would lead him! When the guy arrived at the venue, a staff member put a blindfold over his eyes. After that, Adam was taken someplace and left alone.

After waiting in silence for a couple of minutes, the guy pulls the blindfold off. He’s in a rather large room. There’s nothing there except for 4 doors. The guy feels something’s wrong, but he can’t grasp what exactly. And suddenly, he realizes – the ceiling is going down! He needs to get out of the room and fast! He examines the doors more closely. They all have notes that describe what’s behind each of them. Adam knows he needs to decide fast. Let’s help him solve all these tricky riddles? C’mon! That’s gonna be fun!

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Which room is safe? 0:24
Coin in a bottle 1:38
Who’s a criminal? 2:12
Spoiled painting 3:19
How to tell if the glass is half full? 4:40
Сomplex calculations 5:27
Pick the right door 6:23
Mean wizard 7:52
Strange inscription 8:52
Another detective case 9:43

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