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2021 New Year Resolution: Better Health & Fitness. Start NOW!

Better Health & Fitness. Start NOW!

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Ideas for setting health and fitness goals. Setting health and fitness goals is critical. As a physical therapist, I always ask about my clients’ goals for their rehabilitation and their overall health. However, if the targets are S.M.A.R.T. They are more effective and more likely to be implemented.

S-specified. Instead of “gaining strength” it would be like “Make 10 withdrawals in one month.”
M– Make sure the goal is measurable
A– Action plan “I will work 3 days a week to increase upper body strength for pull-ups
Y– related. Is the goal relevant to my “big picture”? Will 10 pull-ups make me stronger? Yeah!
T-timed. Make sure to put a timeframe on the goal to keep you on track.

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