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Silent heart attack you won’t even know about – Health Tips

Do not ignore the symptoms associated with the heart, may not ignore the symptoms associated with a silent heart attack, maybe a silent heart attack

Have you ever thought that you may have a Silent heart attack but you do not even know about it? You may have felt strange to hear this, but it is true. This type of heart attack is called a silent heart attack and its symptoms do not come out open or emerging. For example, when a 70-year-old woman had a heart attack and the doctors examined her at the hospital, it was found out that it was not her first heart attack.

Tests conducted to investigate the damage done to Hart revealed that Hart also had some dead muscles due to a previous heart attack that had not been identified.

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Silent myocardial infarction(SMI) – Silent heart attack

Doctors said that the woman had previously had silent myocardial infarction or SMI. It is called silent because no symptoms occur during this period that requires a visit to a doctor or medical attention. There are millions of people all over the world who fall prey to this type of silent heart attack. The risk of serious heart attack increases significantly in such people, which increases the risk of their death.

Risk of a heart attack while running on the treadmill, take these precautions:

When, why and how does SMI happen a common heart attack that is recognized is like a warning that the patient needs to change their lifestyle so that cardiac risk can be reduced. For this, along with diet and exercise, necessary medicines are also given. Some studies conducted in Iceland and Finland in the past have tried to find out how SMI ie silent myocardial infarction occurs when it occurs and what and how it can result.

In today’s time, anyone can have a heart attack. It is very serious. But even more dangerous is the ‘silent heart attack’ that you don’t even know about. Usually, in a heart attack, a person feels intense chest pain or a burning sensation. But in a silent heart attack, it is not necessary to see all these symptoms. So many times we do not understand this and the patient dies.

Let me tell you that there are many problems in the veins that cause pain to the brain, due to which the person is not able to feel Silent Heart Attack Symptoms. For this, you need to know its symptoms.

This is known as ‘silent myocardial infarction’. A silent heart attack is very dangerous, but if some care is taken, it can be avoided.

  • Sudden nausea, sweating and feeling weak.
  • Shortness of breath or sudden breathlessness. Due to which the patient starts panting fast.
  • Feeling like light current in the heart. Mild chest pain.
  • Stomach gas or feeling stomach upset.
  • Feeling discomfort in throat and jaw.

Some mild symptoms do not appear

According to Dr. Robert O Bono, a cardiologist at Northwestern University, a silent heart attack is not always silent, but it shows some symptoms such as feeling chest discomfort, heartburn, chest irritation, dizziness, shortness of breath, etc. Such things happen to a large number of people in the coming days, but people ignore it as a problem of minor gas or acid. Especially in women, such symptoms are unclear or unknown and they do not even know that they have had a heart attack.

Note that patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and celastrol have a higher risk of such heart attack. Therefore, you should do regular checkups and if you feel any problem, see the doctor immediately.

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