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SAIL Service Scheme Portal 2020


With the help of the SAIL Service Scheme Portal, they will advance to perform their social duties and contribute to social welfare and state-building.

He also inspired other public institutions to encourage their employees to do volunteer work for a society based on their areas of interest. Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that PSU expects about 70,000 of its employees and 60,000 contract workers to register for the initiative.

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SAIL Service Scheme Portal 2020

The scheme will mainly cover areas related to education, health, women’s empowerment, nutrition for girls, etc. The goal of this scheme is to improve the human resources of social welfare.

This contribution to social care will also be beneficial in improving the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) in SAIL. The triple bottom line is three-stage accounting – the financial, ecological and social structure.

The web portal was launched today to enable SAIL employees to nominate themselves for volunteer work, choose their area of ​​interest, propose a CSR project and provide details of their activities.

SAIL Service Goals Online Portal

  • The Federation Minister wrote that the purpose of the service is to encourage employees or groups that take the VPA and contribute to social welfare.
  • Union Minister Pradhanji replied, “Seva is a voluntary program supported by the employer to defend the employees of the peripheral sector through their voluntary charitable activities (VPA) SAIL SERVICE.”

Haryana Atal Shramik Avagaman Yojana 2020

  • The aim of this service is to focus on education, health, employing women, generating sustainable income, helping people with disabilities, sanitation, environmental sustainability, etc.
  • The effort is to encourage employees or groups that take VPAs and contribute to social welfare.

SAIL Service Program started at the end of 70 years

  • On this occasion, Minister of Federation Pradhanji said, “This year marks the completion of 70 years of the coming into force of our constitution.”
  • The distinguished President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovindji, said that while citizens realize their rights, citizens must be aware of their duties. SAIL employees voluntarily apply to fulfill their social obligations by serving, contributing to social care, and nation-building.
  • He called for a mass campaign to achieve the goal of social welfare, which emphasized the volunteer service for workers in their areas of interest.
  • Besides, he said, the initiatives taken by employees for social welfare should be encouraged.

How to register for SAIL SERVICE Scheme Portal 2020

The registration process did not start after the process started. We will update the registration information in the article and inform you.

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