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PUBg mobile lite gets new updates “Special features added” – PUBg Games

PUBg mobile lite gets new updates

A new update has been rolled out for PUBg mobile lite update users – PUBg mobile new updates. Many bugs in this game played on PC have been fixed with this new update. Also, a new feature has been added to the latest patch note. Due to this new feature, players will be able to heal wounds on the go while playing the game. PUBG Lite PC has given this information through its official tweeter handle. Through its tweeter handle, game developers keep players informed about new updates of the game from time to time. Game-play has also been improved with this new update. Let us know what is given in the patch note of this new update?

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pubg mobile lite update Patch Note – PUBg mobile new updates

  • The black scope that was appended to the spectator mode has been fixed.
  • The problem of not syncing with the blue zone is fixed.
  • The firing sound of the UMP45 weapon was also fixed.
  • The black appearance of the ADS was also fixed.

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  • The problem of getting stuck between the Rocky Mountains of the character in Monte Nuevo has also been fixed.
  • The iron rod seen in the ADS has also been fixed.

These features will be in the updated version – In the new version of PUBG game – PUBg mobile new updates, a special partnership is being expected with ‘Godzilla’. Along with this, things like a new team deathmatch mode, new bijou gun will also be in it. It is being told that some changes have also been made in Survive Till Don zombie mode. Apart from this, it can have separate control settings for FPP and a new gaming mode Team Deathmatch can be provided which will be available on both APPP and TPP.

MVP display has been added to the results. Apart from this, if you are driving a vehicle on ice, then its marks will be seen much better on the ice. The same will happen while walking or while walking.

pubg mobile lite update Highlights

Upgraded Winner Pass

PUBG has replaced Winner Pass with Royale Pass, which will now earn players’ early achievements in the game and also get great rewards. This change will double the player’s experience.

Weapon recoil suppression

PUBG has updated the weapon recoil system to its light version. Since this update, users can easily play this game even in less network and will also be able to use different types of weapons.

Changes made at the time of kill

PubG’s makers have extended the time to kill in the PubG Mobile Lite version. With the help of this upgrade, the game will become even more aggressive. At the same time, this will increase the experience of users playing PUBG.

Map quality improvement

PUBG has improved the quality of the map to provide excellent service to its users. Along with this, PUBG has also upgraded the parachute loading screen on this map.

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