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After Blue Whale, now PUBg game becomes life-threatening for children

The growing game addiction in children has now become fatal. The excessive use of mobiles is making children mentally ill. They are getting irritable due to being engaged in games and mobile all day. After the Blue Whale game, a student from Roorkee committed suicide to play the game of PUBg. This depression arising from the addition of games is holding all the children.

Deadly online games – keep an eye on your children if you want to escape

After Blue Whale, now PUBg game becomes life-threatening for children

What is PUBg game

PUBg’s full name is Player Anonymous Battle Grounds Game. 100 players are landed on an island by parachute. Where players have to find guns and kill enemies. In the end, the person who survives is the winner. 4 people can play this game in groups.

Youth and children are becoming badly addicted

Youth and children are becoming so accustomed to playing this game that day and night they stick to the phone. He neither cares for food nor sleeps to complete the game’s task.

PUBg Game Attraction

This game has many high-tech features. In which attractive graphics, as well as motion-sensing technology and powerful sound, have been used. Which is attracting children quickly.

  • The case is of Ramnagar – When the 14-year-old child refuses to play video games on his mobile while studying, the child’s father angrily breaks the phone. The child ate poison after not giving a new phone.
  • One of Chakaluva’s parents says that their child is 10 years old. Whenever he gets a chance, he immediately starts playing games on mobile. On refusing, he breaks into the house.
  • A parent of Bithoria is very concerned about her 13-year-old child. He says that the child is so fond of mobile games that he does not leave the phone. Fights and is aggressive when taking the phone.

Game is harming health

Sitting in a single position for hours and staring at the screen by staring at the screen, children have weak eyesight, indigestion problems, insomnia problems, mental tension with mental instincts increasing rapidly.

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Such are the symptoms

  • Very angry
  • Be irritable
  • Instant change of mood
  • Being alone in the room
  • Give up food
  • Stay up late at night
  • Stay aloof
  • To insist
  • Become violent
  • Churan from studies

This is how you can protect

  • Be friends with children
  • Give children time
  • Watch their movements
  • Induce outdoor sports
  • Keep an eye on children’s mobiles
  • Give mobile for scheduled
  • Dancing, music, painting, cultivate curiosity towards one of them

Children suffering from dementia

The situation is worsening due to the parents not paying attention. Children whose parents do both jobs and the child’s partner is mobile, they are facing more problems. Parents should not give mobile to their children to increase their tendency towards outdoor games and give the child full time.

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