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What is PPC (Pay Per Click), Why is it important, and How it Works?

What is PPC, nowadays you will hear its name very much pay per click, PPC What is this thing and what is its relation to online marketing, in this special post today, I am going to tell you this in full detail.

In today’s time, the use of online marketing to promote the business has become much more compared to traditional marketing, and there are many valid reasons. One, people are now living more on online, ie internet, Facebook, Google, youtube, and Instagram, all these things, people have started spending all their time. Now when people are online, why don’t business people market their product online and Tell people about your product and service.

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What is PPC (Pay Per Click)

  • PPC means pay per click, as it is clear from the name itself that to pay per click.
  • Basically PPC is a model of advertising in which the company runs an online paid ad campaign on Google and when a user clicks on their ad, they have to pay Google per click, this is PPC (pay per click).
  • The goal of businesspeople behind advertising through pay per click is that they get targeted traffic on their website so that people can then purchase their product or they can do an inquiry about their service.
  • When we do business online, we need the most to bring traffic to our website and google is a very important source to bring traffic to our website.

Through Google, we can bring traffic in two ways, one is through SEO process in which we have to follow our website’s guideline to Google and this process takes a lot of time but it will give you long-term for your website Traffic can be found, so SEO is very important for every business website.

And another way is paid advertisement, in which we create ad campaigns related to our product or service through Google Adwords, an advertisement platform of Google. And then google shows those ads on its search result page and whenever the user searches related to your product on Google then your ad will show it and when the user clicks on that ad then you have to pay money to Google This is the process called PPC (pay per click).

Why PPC (pay per click) is important

After all, why do we need to advertise by paying money online? I will explain this to you through a few points.

Why PPC is very important for marketing our online business.

  • PPC is a fast way to bring targeted visitors to your website
  • When you do online business, you not only need traffic but also buy more and more of your product, it requires a lot of targeted traffic and through PPC advertisement, you get targeted traffic in a very short time, however, for this, you must Google Have to pay some money.
  • Although you can also take targeted traffic through SEO, it takes a lot of time to get traffic through SEO, and through PPC you can get instant traffic.
  • Although I do not say at all that you do not SEO your website, it is very important to do SEO only then your value will be made on google but if you should sell quickly then PPC is the best way of marketing for you.


If you promote your business offline then you have to invest a lot for it but if you do marketing through paid advertisement i.e. PPC, then you can get a very good result at a very low cost very quickly.

Although some people also say that the PPC advertising model is a waste of money, I agree that if you do not run online paid ad campaigns with a proper strategy then yes you definitely waste your money but if you start with a small budget in starting If you start the second campaign by analyzing the output of your first campaign completely and then you get 100% very good profit.

  • PPC also helps for other digital marketing channels
  • PPC advertising is a very important part of your online marketing and in addition, PPC helps your other digital marketing channels.
  • for example
  • When you create a google search ad campaign, you use a lot of keywords, which also helps you in SEO, you get to know which type of keywords are working for your website.
  • You can install your mobile app through PPC advertising, which helps in your mobile marketing.
  • Through PPC you can increase your email Ke signup list, which helps in your email marketing.
  • PPC is very best for your local SEO. Through PPC, people can contact you directly, as well as see the products and services in your area.

Through PPC you can re-marketing and retargeting

If you want to get maximum conversion, then you can do marketing and re-targeting of your campaign, which is the best way to increase the conversion rate. Which you can do through PPC.

You run a re-marketing and re-targeting campaign when a user comes to your website, you see the product, but do not make a purchase, then you can show them the same product again.

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When to use PPC advertising

The PPC advertising model is a paid process of marketing so you cannot always use it, so when should you use PPC when your online business has a good profit.

If you are a startup and you need a lot to promote your brand then you can use PPC. Because a paid advertising campaign is the best marketing method for your brand awareness.

When you sell a product online and the festival season is going on especially in India, you need traffic as soon as possible, then you can use PPC advertising.

How PPC (pay per click) model works

Regarding how the pay per click advertising model works, I have explained in great detail in my article about google Adwords, by reading that article you will be able to understand very well how PPC works and what you can do through Google Adwords. How can you advertise?


  • You have to decide on which location you want your ad to appear from where you can get targeted visitors.
  • You can also target a very deep location by creating a PPC ad on Google if you want to target any particular area.
  • You can also target a very deep location by creating a PPC ad on Google if you want to target any particular area.

Day & time

At what time and day you want to show your ads, it is very important to decide.

Budget & Bids

The budget you put in your paid ads campaign, how long do you want to run your ad campaign and how much budget do you give for it as well as how much you pay per day. You have to decide all these by doing complete analytics.


Apart from using the right keyword, there are some other factors which are very important for your target campaign.

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So friends, hope you liked this article and you got some new information. Please tell me in the comments.

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