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Powering your Digital Marketing Efforts with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular analytics software business owners, site administrators, and advertisers use to measure their site’s performance. You can get essential site statistics on page visits, referral traffic, conversion rate tracking, goal path tracking, and much more. If you have or manage, a website in any way, you’re likely familiar with Google Analytics. The online business(Digital Marketing) environment is exceptionally focused and to survive in this environment, you need to leverage emerging marketing techniques.

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Powering your Digital Marketing Efforts with Google Analytics

Increase Organic Traffic with SEO Queries Page Reports

The fact that Google controls over 70-80% of the web index market should be enough to spur interest in this data analytics tool. In the simplest terms, this is a tool that helps businesses track website traffic. It is one of the most powerful tools you need to find out everything about how visitors are interacting with your website.

Here’s what you should do.

  • Use the SEO report inside Google Analytics to see keyword ranking, clicks, and impressions for your website.
  • Sort the keyword list by the number of impressions, and search for the most impression keywords.
  • These are the keywords for which you are already ranking well on Google search. You just need to improve the click-through-rate(CTR)(active visitor) for these keywords to increase your traffic.

How to connect your Google Analytics into Visitor Tracking Tools

Since Google Analytics is already installed on your site, installing a visitor tracking tool is a matter of connecting your GA account, without the requirement for introducing one more pixel on your site.

Once you connect Leadfeeder with Google Analytics, you can start the process of sending the most active companies and lead information to your CRM and other marketing tools for your sales team(group) to go out and convert!

Increase Traffic With Keyword Report

  • To increase your website’s traffic by using the correct keywords in your content, you can use the keyword report in Google Analytics. To get this report, go to the Traffic SourcesàKeyword Report.
  • Use them as alternate tags in the pictures on your website.
  • Also, use these keywords in the titles of the pictures on your website.
  • Use the same or main high traffic keyword in your page title and description.
  • Make these keywords a part of the link text of your internal website links. In any case, ensure your keyword-based anchors include other natural words as well.

Traffic Source

We can very well understand who visits our site, yet at the same time, there is a need to know how they found you beforehand. Google Analytics allows you to understand the performance of different marketing channels to evaluate which advertising efforts are working.

Here is some important review in Google Analytics:

Communities and Niche Forums: To maximize your traffic from communities and forums like Quora, Mix, Scoop, Reddit, and other main groups, you should spend more time replying to different discussion threads. Try helping people with your answers and focus on making value. At the same time, share your content with any place important.

Blogs and Websites: If a blog sends you a lot of traffic, focus on building a relationship with its owner, and explore more cross-promotional opportunities. Connection back to such blogs in your content, and regularly comment on their posts. Also, try contributing a few guest posts to such blogs.

Web-based social networking: Identify the social network that sends the most traffic your way. Recognize the post structure that is working the best for you. Increase your posting frequency and replicate your effective posts for more traffic and engagement. To improve the conversion rate of your referral traffic, you can create specific landing pages messages for various referral sources.


Google Analytics is a highly advanced web analytics tool that can be used to derive extremely valuable insights from your website traffic. The estimation of these tracked leads should not be underestimated, as you can now target leads that have a potential interest in your product, they simply have not found a good enough reason to leave their contact data behind on your site.

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