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New SEO Tool to Help Your Business Get Noticed – SEO Topics

Spreading the name of your company is difficult, and millions of companies try to do it year after year. They incorporate methods for their websites to be displayed on the first page of Google, the dream, in vain. Well, today, the Sydney startup, Longtail UX has launched a new innovative tool, Scorecard, that helps you do exactly that(New SEO tool to help your business).

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New SEO tool to help your business get noticed – SEO Topics

The company’s goal is to increase the advertising capabilities of the websites, as well as their ranking and participation in Google. For companies that use Google analytics, Scorecard will allow forecasting a possible return on investment for generic and brand keywords in texts; A tool that, according to Longtail UX, is the most accurate in the market.

There is an opportunity for companies to understand where they can gain a competitive advantage when facing dominant markets such as Amazon. It is designed to allow users to make better-informed decisions, “said co-founder and CEO Andreas Dzumla.

The scorecard measures and forecasts the performance and potential of SEO and SEM to acquire market share, unlike other tools in the market, which do not consider the possible synergy effects of both.

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The ambiguity of traditional SEO has made it difficult to understand your ROI and secure a budget for this crucial part of the marketing equation. For SEM, we still see too many cases in which the ROI of the brand against the generic keyword is not broken down correctly and is not used for marketing decisions, “added Andreas Dzumla

By incorporating both SEM and SEO(New SEO tool to help your business), Scorecard can reveal how much market share is being lost to competitors. This is the first tool in the world that gives companies the ability to control how their websites appear in Google searches while measuring results and their return on SEO investment for keywords.

The scorecard is currently being used to help some of Australia’s biggest brands, such as Dan Murphy’s and Adore Beauty, to compete with Amazon, which according to Dzumla, is where 66% of searches now occur. The use of Scorecard, in turn, has returned more than 300% traffic growth for its users.


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