Nagaland GK Questions and Answers 2023-24

Nagaland MCQ Quiz – Objective General Knowledge (GK) Question with Answer

Latest Nagaland MCQs Objective Questions in English

Q1. The name of the place in Nagaland literally means “Soulless and Dull”

[A] Dzulekie
[B] Dzukou Valley
[C] Baghty Valley
[D] Shilloi

Answer: [B] Dzukou Valley

Q2. Which is the official language of Nagaland?

[A] Assamese
[B] English
[C] Urdu
[D] Hindi

Answer: [B] English

Q3. Which country shares its border on the east side of the Nagaland?

[A] Bangladesh
[B] Nepal
[C] Myanmar
[D] China

Answer: [C] Myanmar

Q4. Most of the forests found in Nagaland fall under _____ type of forest.

[A] Pine Forests
[B] Alpine Forest
[C] Montane Wet Temperate Forest
[D] Wet Tropical Forest

Answer: [D] Wet Tropical Forest

Q5. How many districts are there in Nagaland?

[A] 12
[B] 10
[C] 16
[D] 14

Answer: [C] 16

Q6. How many Rajya Sabha seats are there in Nagaland?

[A] 0
[B] 1
[C] 2
[D] 3

Answer: [B] 1

Q7. In that year, Nagaland formed as a separate state of India

[A] 1963
[B] 1964
[C] 1966
[D] 1969

Answer: [A] 1963

Q8. The Hornbill Festival is celebrated every year on the first week of

[A] March
[B] July
[C] November
[D] December

Answer: [D] December

Q9. Where is the Bamboo Emporium located?

[A] Naga Heritage Village
[B] Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre
[C] Khonoma
[D] SASRD, Medziphema

Answer: [B] Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre

Q10. Who was the first Chief Minister of Nagaland?

[A] S. C. Jamir
[B] T.N. Angami
[C] P. Shilu Ao
[D] Hokishe Sema

Answer: [C] P. Shilu Ao

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Nagaland GK Quiz Questions and Answers 2024

Nagaland’s top recent GK questions have been updated below with their answers:

Question: Under which articles Nagaland Enjoys a special status in the constitution of India?

Answer. Article 371 A

Question: Total number of elected members in the State Legislative Assembly is?

Answer. 60

Question: The Rangapahar Reserve Forest is located on?

Answer. Dimapur

Question: Which state is to the west of Nagaland?

Answer. Assam

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Question: Which country shares its border on the east side of Nagaland?

Answer. Myanmar

Question: Total Number of Wildlife Sanctuary In Nagaland?

Answer. Three

Question: The Sekrenyi festival is mainly observed by?

Answer. Angami Tribe

Question: The Ntangki National Park is located in which district?

Answer. Peren

Question: The title Rani was conferred on the Naga leader Gaidinliu by?

Answer. Jawaharlal Nehru

Question: Total Number of Rajya Sabha seats in Nagaland?

Answer. One

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