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My Health & Fitness Goals 2021!

My Health & Fitness Goals 2021!

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Hello all! If I’m new here, I’m Lindsay and this video is just a small look at my fitness journey in 2021! I almost performed this exact regimen and completely changed my health and the way I felt – along with losing 30 pounds! Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a video about losing weight and inches – my style in New Year Resolution 2021 is all about feeling good and living a healthy lifestyle!

Below I’ve linked some helpful products and tools that I use to help me on my journey including my water bottle and the new Fitbit. Comment below if you are making the trip with me or if you have any words of encouragement! Happy 2021 !!

FitBit Charge 4 –

FitBit Scale –

Water Bottle Tracker –

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