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Motivational Speaker Simerjeet Singh on Creating a Winners #Mindset | Inspirational Speech in Hindi

Motivational Speaker Simerjeet Singh

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Simarjit Singh is a dynamic Indian Motivational Speaker, who not only excels in English but also gives power-packed motivational talks, keynotes, and workshops in Hindi across India. He is regarded as one of the main motivational speakers in Hindi as he uses Hindi poetry, Urdu poetry, Indian stories and creates a truly Indian experience that connects easily with people who explain in Hindi. Can. So if you are looking for an Indian motivational speaker in Hindi to inspire your team, then this video is for you!
This Hindi video clip is of International Motivational Speaker: Simarjit Singh in India. He has been making active contributions as a keynote speaker and speaker trainer in various major organizations in India, Middle East, and Southeast Asia over the last decade.

Apart from working with major multinational companies in India like Novartis Pharma, Vodafone India, Groh, Pwc, United Technologies, etc., Simarjit has also worked with many Indian companies and SMEs such as Ruchi Group Indore, Texmo Pipes Madhya Pradesh, Sara International Noida Have done And many more.
The video contains excerpts from his sales motivational keynote address for the sales team of Himalaya Herbals in Goa. Simarjeet has served as the keynote speaker for the Himalayas twice and his persuasive dialogue was very effective for charging the sales force on both occasions.

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  • Simarjit Singh’s motivational speaker inspires us, to develop a * winning mindset * to think differently and work harder.
  • The mindset of successful people is always different from others, they have a strong mindset towards their goals. Keynote speaker Simarjit Singh shared tips on how to develop the mindset of the winner?
  • Developing the mindset of a champion is not a difficult matter. You just have to make constant efforts to develop it.
  • We hope you like this video on the high achiever’s mindset

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