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Motivational Speaker in India Simerjeet Singh Keynote on Leadership Innovation Inspiration IMA

Motivational Speaker in India Simerjeet Singh

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Simerjeet Singh Keynote on inspiring innovation in leadership at the International Management Conclave 2018 | Have you ever wondered what it would be like when some of India’s best and most popular motivational speakers come together under one roof?

If you don’t believe it, watch this video to the end. This video covers over an hour of the keynote speech by India’s most admired motivational speaker Simerjeet Singh at IMA 2018 in Indore (IMA Indore International Management Conclave 2018) Addressing an elite audience with achievements from the corporate and business community, Simerjeet Singh brings the essentials of leadership – Act of initiative. What does it take to develop future leaders? How do we innovate when most schools avoid innovation and describe curious children as problem children?

In a hall full of serious accomplishments, Simerjeet illustrates the topic of “Bharat Bhagya Vidhata” – Dream Makers – Innovation Leaders. It asks simple questions to elicit deep insights into how one might drink driving signs in oneself.

By the end of this video, rest assured that you’ll know what to give up, what to add, and how to turn your ideas into those of a budding leader. May your 2020 be guided by these nuggets of wisdom and we hope you will share their impact on your life soon.

About IMA Conclave

The Indore Management Association invited more than 10 notable motivational speakers from India to its 27th edition of the IMA Conclave in 2018. They have been judged as the ‘Best Local Management Association’ 11 times over the years, and have hosted over 400 keynote speeches and speakers Inspiring and motivational in more than 28 secret sessions, 100 thousand participants touched leading motivational speakers from India such as Dr. Deepak Vohra, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Shri Gauranga Das, Dr. Murthy, Founder – Infosys is amongst a very popular motivational speaker in India.

Simerjeet Singh is a top motivational speaker in India with a promising international career that has enabled him to travel the world. He is widely regarded as one of the best motivational speakers in India. Nowadays, he is also called the best motivational speaker on India YouTube.

If you are looking for the best inspiring Indian speakers Simerjeet is the one you are looking for. The reason why Indian and international audiences are bilingual in Hindi and English alike Simerjeet Singh is among the best Indian motivational speakers is that he has a great understanding of different cultures and makes tremendous efforts to understand his audience profile.

Simerjeet Singh has been honored with the Global Excellence Award (GEA) 2019 in Motivational Speaking from the list of Best Motivational Speakers in India in 2019. He also appears regularly in India’s Top 10 Motivational Speakers list 2019 and leading Indian speaking offices such as London Speakers Bureau, Indian Speakers Bureau and SpeakIng and Celebrity Speakers Bureau regularly book Simerjeet as keynote speaker in both Indian and International languages.

India is a very big country and there are hundreds and thousands of speakers among them is Simerjeet Singh one of the inspiring Indian speakers who have worked with different companies like Tata, Novartis, PWC, Vodafone, etc, i.e. why he is part of the inspiring speakers of India. There are far too many Indian Motivational Speakers in English but it is one of the top 10 Motivational Speakers in the world.

Indore Management Association (IMA) is one of the fastest-growing components of AIMA. Nominated as ‘Best Local Management Association’ 11 times over the years, they have hosted more than 400 inspirational and motivational keynote addresses and speakers in over 28 confidential meetings that touched over 100,000 participants.

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In 2018, Simerjeet Singh was also on the list of respected speakers in their international department
Meet some of the most inspiring keynote speakers.

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