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Meow Meow Meow Meow Billi Karti Meow” is a wonderful children’s song created especially for children. It tells the story of a cute cat through an animated video. Besides this rhyme, we are presenting many Hindi nursery rhymes in this video, which are very popular among babies and toddlers. It’s a great way to make their education fun and interactive, combining fun with valuable knowledge.

Ding Dong Bells is an animation studio and e-learning platform for kids and toddlers, producing and publishing animated, interactive, educational, and entertaining videos for kids designed solely to improve their learning opportunities. @DingDongBells publishes animated Hindi children’s songs and rhymes with original music compositions, backgrounds, and vocals depicting famous Hindi rhymes in a fun way.

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Highlight of Meow Meow Billi Karti – Ding Dong Bells

Post NameMeow Meow Billi Karti
म्याऊं म्याऊं बिल्ली करती 
Channel NameDing Dong Bells
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Starting DateJun 16, 2022
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Meow Meow Billi Karti + More Hindi & Nursery Rhymes For Kids | Ding Dong Bells

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Meow Meow Billi Karti Full Song Lyrics

Poem Lyrics in English

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Billi Boli, Meow – Meow,
Kisko Pakdu, Kisko Khaun,

Chuhe Bill Ke Bhitar Ghabraayein,
Hume Kon Ab Aan Bachaaye.

Tabhi Siyani Chuhiya Boli,
Tum Ban Jao Sab Humjoli,
Bada Ekta Mein Hai Bal,
Nirbal Bhi Ho Jaye Sabal.

Poem Lyrics in Hindi

बिल्ली बोली, म्याऊँ – म्याऊँ
किसको पकडूं, किसको खाऊँ,

चूहे बिल के भीतर घबराएँ,
हमें कौन अब आन बचाए।

तभी सियानी चुहिया बोली,
तुम बन जाओ सब हमजोली,
बड़ा एकता में है बल,
निर्बल भी हो जाये सबल।

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