Mental Health Tips From 75 Therapists

Mental Health Tips From 75 Therapists

Mental Health Tips From 75 Therapists

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I asked my therapist friends for their best mental health advice. Reply 75. I share my favorites and help you put them into your life today!

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Topics Discussed:

* Awareness of mental health
* Social support
* How to make friends
* Behavior activation for depression
* Commitment to values ​​and the meaning of life

Understand your feelings

* Deep breathing


* Grounding skills
* A routine of self-care
* Sleep cleanliness and insomnia
* Cognitive therapy and acceptance

Dialectical thinking

* Celebrate and share your passion

Learn more:

* What is mental health:
* How to make friends:
* The simple way to treat depression:
* How to change your feelings:
* Learn deep breathing:
* A beginner’s guide to mindfulness:
* My Self-Care Routine:
* Face your fears:
* How I used to hide my passion: https: // …
* How to change your behavior:

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