Meghalaya GK Questions and Answers 2023-24

Meghalaya MCQ Quiz – Objective General Knowledge (GK) Question with Answer

Latest Meghalaya MCQs Objective Questions in English

Q1. Which one is the capital of Meghalaya?

[A] Shillong
[B] Cherrapunji
[C] Kohima
[D] Tura

Answer: [A] Shillong

Q2. The Mawlynnong village, which is also known as Asia’s cleanest village is located at

[A] West Garo Hills
[B] East Khasi Hills
[C] South Garo Hills
[D] Ri Bhoi

Answer: [B] East Khasi Hills

Q3. When was Meghalaya separated from Assam?

[A] 14 January 1972
[B] 30 March 1973
[C] 21 January 1975
[D] 10 May 1978

Answer: [C] 21 January 1972

Q4. What is the Sanskrit meaning of Meghalaya?

[A] Abode of Clouds
[B] Wettest Place
[C] Abode of Mountains
[D] Rain Forest

Answer: [A] Abode of Clouds

Q5. What is the total area of Meghalaya?

[A] 23,119 km2
[B] 21,231 km2
[C] 24,450 km2
[D] 22,429 km2

Answer: [D] 22,429 km2

Q6. Shillong is also known as the _________ of the East.

[A] Norway
[B] Sri Lanka
[C] Scotland
[D] Nepal

Answer: [C] Scotland

Q7. Which Bangladeshi division borders Meghalaya to the western side?

[A] Khulna 
[B] Rangpur
[C] Dhaka
[D] Chittagong

Answer: [B] Rangpur

Q8. Who was the first Chief Minister of Meghalaya

[A] P. A. Sangma
[B] Williamson A. Sangma
[C] Darwin Diengdoh Pugh
[D] B. B. Lyngdoh

Answer: [B] Williamson A. Sangma

Q9. What is the official language of Meghalaya?

[A] English
[B] Hindi
[C] Urdu
[D] Khasi

Answer: [A] English

Q10. Which is the tallest plunge waterfall in Meghalaya?

[A] Mawsmai 
[B] Kunchikal
[C] Nohkalikai
[D] Dudhsagar

Answer: [C] Nohkalikai

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Meghalaya GK Quiz Questions and Answers 2024

Meghalaya’s top recent GK questions have been updated below with their answers:

Question: What is the population of Meghalaya?

Answer. Around 3,211,474 as of 2014

Question: Which state is the wettest region of India?

Answer. Meghalaya

Question: What is the total length of NH in Meghalaya?

Answer. 1,170 km

Question: Which is the state bird of Meghalaya?

Answer. Hill myna

Question: Which is the only country that borders Meghalaya?

Answer. Bangladesh

Question: How many total Development Blocks are there in Meghalaya?

Answer. 46

Question: Which is the largest district by population in Meghalaya?

Answer. East Khasi Hills

Question: Where is Balphakram National Park located?

Answer. South Garo Hills District

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