Math Puzzles with Answers | Number Pattern Logic

Math Puzzles with Answers | Number Pattern Logic

Math Puzzles with answers

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4 Math puzzles with answers are based on number pattern logic in this video. Find the logic in given numbers to get the missing number. Are you genius, then solve hard and difficult 4 math new puzzles challenge using your intelligence. These are tricky questions and Brainteaser for mental exercise. Educational video tutorial by G K Agrawal 239. The logic of the pattern of the numbers is given below.

Quiz 1– Multiply number with 1 smaller number and then add 1. For example, Number 9 will be multiplied by 8 and then add 1, you get 73

Quiz 2– Take the square of the 1st number, then subtract the second number, then add 3.

Quiz 3– Add double of the 2nd number in the 1st number, then subtract 3rd number, then add 1.

Quiz 4– Add 1st & 2nd number, then take the square of it, then subtract 3rd number,

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