Top 10 Longest Rivers in India

Longest Rivers in India – The Himalayas are one of the most important and important regions of India. These are the mountain ranges from which most major rivers, as well as their tributaries, originate. Discussing the origin facts, the basic reason for the emergence of these rivers in the Himalayas is due to the melting of glaciers, and this is known. Here, in this post, we will talk about the 10 longest rivers in India.

The Top 10 Longest Rivers in India

The Ganga is the longest river in India and originates from the Gangotri Glacier. India is the land of many rivers and they play an essential role in Indian society. India’s rivers keep the country fertile, industrially developed, and agriculturally suitable. The ten longest rivers are worshiped by Indian people as gods and unite different regions of the country.

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Below is a list of the 10 longest rivers in India in terms of total length and contribution.

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Name of the river Source Length in kilometres
 Ganga Gangotri Glacier 2525
 Godavari Trimbakeshwar 1465
 Krishna Western Ghats 1400
Yamuna Yamunotri Glaciers 1376
 Narmada Amarkantak Plateau 1312
Indus Lake Manasarovar 3180
Brahmaputra Angsi Glacier 2900
Mahanadi Sihawa  890
Kaveri Talakaveri 805
Tapi Multai700 

Some facts about the largest river in India

  • The longest river in India, the Ganges, is a transboundary river, meaning it flows between Bangladesh and India.
  • When the Ganges reaches Bangladesh, it changes its name to the Padma River.
  • There are many holy places along the banks of India’s longest river (Ganga), such as Haridwar, Gangotri, Varanasi, and Kali Ghat.
  • The Ganges Action Plan was initiated in 1985 to improve the quality of one of the most polluted rivers in the world.
  • The Brahmaputra River is the deepest in India with a depth of 380 feet. It is one of the largest rivers in the world and has its origins in the Chimayong-dong Glacier in the Kailash Mountain Range near Lake Mansarovar.
  • The shortest or smallest river in India is the Arvari River, which is located in the state of Rajasthan and is 90 kilometers long.
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Is the Ganga (Ganges) the longest river in India?

The Ganges River (2525 km)

What is the longest river in South India?

Godavari is the longest river in South India.

Which is longer Brahmaputra or Indus?

Both the Brahmaputra and Indus are approximately 2,900 km long.

What is the second longest river in India?

Godavari (1464 km)

What is the smallest river in India?

Arvari river (90 km)

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