Link Building for Beginners | Complete Guide to Getting Backlinks in 2021

Link Building for Beginners | Complete Guide to Getting Backlinks in 2021

Link Building for Beginners

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If you are new to SEO and link building, this complete beginner tutorial will teach you principles and strategies for getting strong, high-quality backlinks in 2021.

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Link building is arguably the most challenging part of SEO. It’s a part that requires artistic ingenuity, a creative approach, and just boldness and grinding.

So what is link building?

This is the standard definition. Link building is the process of getting other websites to link to a page on your website. These hyperlinks are called backlinks.

However, most people don’t seem to understand the link-building process properly. This ultimately boils down to implementation.

The reason behind the difficulty of implementation is that people focus a lot on the end result, i.e. getting backlinks to their pages. The process is actually very relational. Relationships are built by humans, not templates “borrowed” from videos and blog posts.

So here’s a better definition: Link building is the process of building relationships with other relevant website owners who want and will connect with your content as it enhances their content.

It includes relationships, significance, and value exchange

Since link building is difficult, you need to understand why it is worth the effort. In short, search engines like Google use backlinks to help rank web pages. The reason for this is the so-called PageRank.

Why is the page ranking system important and how does the page ranking system work? You’ll get to know everything in the video.

Once you understand how PageRank works, you will need to know how to get backlinks to your site.

There are 3 ways to get it.

► Create backlinks
► Buy backlinks
► Earn backlinks

Of the three, only one of them is of real value. In the tutorial, you’ll get to know which one is.

However, not all backlinks are good. Only some are of great value.

To understand what makes a good link, there are two main categories you should look at.


In the video, you’ll learn what these two concepts mean and how you can evaluate the links to these two characteristics.

Once you understand everything before that, you’ll want to know the link-building strategies you can use.

And in the video, we’ll share link-building strategies that really work.


0:41 – what is link building
1:22 – The main ideas behind building connections
1:55 – What is PageRank
3:34 – How to get backlinks
4:59 – How to Identify Good Backlinks
6:48 – What is Ahrefs and URL ratings
7:23 – the structure and properties of the hyperlink
10:54 – Definition of “linkable content”
12:52 – The importance of ‘presentation’ to communication
15:38 – guest blogging
16:31 – Building resource page link
17:38 – Link building is broken
18:35 – Building link with HARO

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