Lakshadweep GK Questions and Answers 2023-24

Lakshadweep MCQ Quiz – Objective General Knowledge (GK) Question with Answer

Latest Lakshadweep MCQs Objective Questions in English

Q1. Who is the Administrator of Lakshadweep?

[A] Mohammad Faizal
[B] Farooq Khan
[C] Farooq Sheikh
[D] Mohammed Rafi

Answer: [B] Farooq Khan

Q2. How many districts are there in Lakshadweep?

[A] 0
[B] 1
[C] 2
[D] 3

Answer: [B] 1

Q3. The total number of islands under Lakshadweep Union territory is:

[A] 16
[B] 24
[C] 30
[D] 36

Answer: [D] 36

Q4. Which one of these is the largest city of Lakshadweep?

[A] Andrott
[B] Minicoy
[C] Kavaratti
[D] Amini

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Answer: [A] Andrott

Q5. According to Sangam Texts who controlled the Lakshadweep islands?

[A] Maratha
[B] Chera
[C] Pallava
[D] Chola

Answer: [B] Chera

Q6. Which one of these is the state bird of Lakshadweep?

[A] Butterfly
[B] Parrot
[C] Noddy Tern
[D] Piegon

Answer: [C] Noddy Tern

Q7. The earliest reference to the Lakshadweep Islands is found in –

[A] The Sangam Texts
[B] Meghdootam
[C] Periplus of the Erythraean Sea
[D] None of the above

Answer: [C] Periplus of the Erythraean Sea

Q8. Which one of these is the principal language of Lakshadweep?

[A] English
[B] Jesri
[C] Mahi
[D] Malayalam

Answer: [D] Malayalam

Q9. How many atolls and reefs form the archipelago of Lakshadweep?

[A] 10, 1
[B] 12, 3
[C] 13, 5
[D] 14, 1

Answer: [B] 12, 3

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Q10. Lakshadweep comes under the jurisdiction of the –

[A] Kerala
[B] Tamil Nadu
[C] Goa
[D] Maharashtra

Answer: [A] Kerala

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Lakshadweep GK Quiz Questions and Answers 2024

Lakshadweep top recent GK questions have been updated below with their answers:

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Question: Which one is the capital of Lakshadweep?

Answer: Kavaratti

Question: Which one is recognized as the state fish of Lakshadweep?

Answer: Butterflyfish

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Question: Total number of sub-divisions in Lakshadweep is?

Answer: 10

Question: Which is the state bird of the Lakshadweep Islands?

Answer: Sooty tern

Question: Which is the most popular dance form of Minicoy Island?

Answer: Lava

Question: When Lakshadweep was recognized as a Union Territory?

Answer: 1 November 1956

Question: Who is the first Member of Parliament from Lakshadweep?

Answer: K. Nalla Koya Thangal

Question: Which is the major religious community in Lakshadweep?

Answer: Muslim

Question: Which is the state tree of the Lakshadweep Islands?

Answer: Bread Fruit

Question: Which place has an airport in Lakshadweep?

Answer: Agatti Island

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