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Ladli Beti Yojana scheme Delhi 2021 | Online Application | Application Form

The Ladli Beti scheme was launched in the year 2008 by the Delhi government. The scheme was launched by former Chief Minister Sheila Dixit. Financial assistance is provided to the young girls under this scheme started by the Women and Child Development Dept.

Ladli Beti Yojana The main objective is to provide financial assistance to the daughters of poor families and ensure a bright future for them. To take advantage of this scheme, the Delhi Government has also launched its official website Through which all eligible applicants can avail of this scheme by registering online.

What is the Ladli scheme?

In many states of India, girls are still discriminated against. With an aim to end discrimination against the girl children, the Delhi government has started the Ladli scheme since 2008.

Under the Ladli (Ladli) scheme, girls get total government assistance of Rs 35-36,000 in a phased manner which is kept in the bank till the girl is 18 years old.

Benefits under the Ladli scheme?

Under the Delhi government’s Ladli scheme, there is a provision of giving 11,000 to a girl born in a hospital, 5000 for admission to first-class, Rs. 5-5,000 for admission to sixth, ninth, tenth, and then 12th class.

Officials of the Delhi government said that a committee on Ladli’s case has reduced the amount of 11,000 on the birth of girls in the hospital and 10,000 on the birth in the home.

How to get benefits under the Ladli scheme?

  • If a girl is born in a hospital/nursing home in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, she gets a benefit of Rs 11,000.
  • If a girl is born in a hospital in a home or any other area, then she is eligible to get a benefit of Rs 10,000 under Ladli.
  • In the Ladli (Ladli) scheme, the assistance of Rs 5,000 is available with the enrollment of girls in class 1, class 6, class 9, class 10 and class 12.

Eligibility for Ladli Scheme

  • The qualifying applicant for the Ladli scheme should be a resident of Delhi.
  • The annual income of the child’s family should not exceed 1 lakh rupees.
  • The benefit of the Ladli scheme can be availed only after the birth of two girls in the family.
  • The school in which the child studies must be recognized by the Delhi Government.

For any kind of inquiry regarding the Ladli scheme, you can contact the toll-free number: 180-022-9090. You can also get information about the Ladli scheme from Delhi Government’s Additional number 011-23381892.

If you want more information about the Ladli scheme then you can click on this link:

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