Ladakh GK Questions and Answers 2023-24

Ladakh MCQ Quiz – Objective General Knowledge (GK) Question with Answer

Latest Ladakh MCQs Objective Questions in English

Q1. When is Kargil Vijay Diwas celebrated every year?

[A] 23 July
[B] 24 July
[C] 25 July
[D] 26 July

Answer: [D] 26 July

Q2. Which Range surrounds Ladakh in the North?

[A] Khardung Range
[B] Karakoram Range
[C] Zanskar Range
[D] Saser Range

Answer: [B] Karakoram Range

Q3. When was the Ladakh International Film Festival inaugurated?

[A] 2010
[B] 2012
[C] 2013
[D] 2015

Answer: [B] 2012

Q4. Which Indian state is on the southern side of Ladakh?

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[A] Delhi
[B] Jammu and Kashmir
[C] Himachal Pradesh
[D] Uttar Pradesh

Answer: [C] Himachal Pradesh

Q5. What is the elevation of Likir Monastery?

[A] 3360m
[B] 3700m
[C] 3788m
[D] 3856m

Answer: [B] 3700m

Q6. Which lake in Ladakh shares a border with China?

[A] Kyagar Tso Lake
[B] Tso Kar Lake
[C] Pangong Lake
[D] Tso Moriri Lake

Answer: [C] Pangong Lake

Q7. What is the length of Pangong Lake?

[A] 134 km
[B] 141 km
[C] 157 km
[D] 168 km

Answer: [A] 134 km

Q8. Which Article is related to the making of Ladakh a Union Territory?

[A] Article 226
[B] Article 233
[C] Article 240
[D] Article 246

Answer: [C] Article 240

Q9. Which Chemical Element was found in Ladakh?

[A] Borium
[B] Uranium
[C] Thorium
[D] Radium

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Answer: [B] Uranium

Q10. Where can the lowest TBR (The total birth rate) in Ladakh be found?

[A] Brokpas
[B] Karzok
[C] Stok
[D] Arghuns

Answer: [D] Arghuns

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Districts List of Ladakh 2023

#District NamePopulation (2011)Area (km²)
2Leh Ladakh1,47,10414,036

Ladakh GK Quiz Questions and Answers 2024

Ladakh’s top recent GK questions have been updated below with their answers:

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Question: What is the Capital of Ladakh?

Answer: Leh (Summer) and Kargil (Winter)

Question: Which is the Most Important River in Ladakh?

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Answer: Indus River

Question: Which is the Highest Mountain in Ladakh?

Answer: Stok Kangri (6,154 meters)

Question: What does the word “Ladakh” mean?

Answer: La: Mountain Pass & Dak: Country

Question: What is the Area of Ladakh?

Answer: 59,146 km2

Question: Where is the highest TBR (The total birth rate) found in Ladakh?

Answer: Brokpas

Question: When did Ladakh become a Union Territory?

Answer: 31 October 2019

Question: Name the largest circulated Newspaper in Ladakh.

Answer: Daily Excelsior

Question: Which is the first University of Ladakh?

Answer: University of Ladakh

Question: What was Ladakh before Union Territory?

Answer: Part of Jammu And Kashmir

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