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La SEO nel 2021 | DayPlus

La SEO nel 2021

2021 is a training weekday created in collaboration with SEO Search Marketing Connect.

We will broadcast it here on FastForward because I am the moderator and speaking!

SEO is becoming more and more technical on the one hand and more and more user-oriented on the other.
During this event we will talk about the changes in 2020, about e-commerce, crawling statistics and artificial intelligence, categorizing content from the official voices of the SEO world, such as Giorgio Taverniti, Marcus Quoderella, Todo is Andrea Pernici, and Paolo dello Vicario.

Opening 00:00
09:12 What changed in 2020 – Giorgio Tavernity
28:50 E-Commerce Revolution – Marco Quadrella
01:00:01 Scan Stats – Andrea Pernici
01:25:56 AI – Content classification with Paolo dello Vicario
01:54:56 Question – Q&A

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