5 Interview PUZZLES | Frequently asked Job Interview PUZZLES

5 Interview PUZZLES | Frequently asked Job Interview PUZZLES

Frequently asked Job Interview PUZZLES

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5 Most Common Job Interview Puzzles. Fast and challenging puzzles that will surely surprise you. This is the second episode of the Puzzles and Riddles series interview.

Make sure to pause the video after each puzzle and try to solve it yourself.

Puzzle Vs Riddle: A Riddle is different from a puzzle and is designed to check the presence of your mind. It doesn’t involve complicated calculations, but you can only solve it if you pay close attention to the elucidation of the puzzle.

You can find interview puzzles and challenging logic puzzles that are generally requested in puzzle quizzes on my channel.

List of puzzles covered in this episode:

1 – the blind man has two pills (red and blue puzzle pill).
2-98% redfish puzzle.
3 – 2 boys crossing the river.
4- The puzzle of two planes (from New York to London and from London to New York).
5 – Trucker wrongly driving puzzle

The video explains the solution to all the puzzles and the logic behind them.

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