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ISRO Updates: OHRC Chandrayean-2 provides very high spatial resolution images of the Moon

Dr. K. Sivan has talked about India’s own space station in space. A few months ago. Sivan had told that India is going to build its space station. Now for this, ISRO is going to do the Space Docking Experiment next year.

Images from the Orbiter High-Resolution Camera CHANDRAYAAN2 Orbiter High 12, solution Camera (OHRC) onboard Chandrayean-2 provides very high spatial resolution images of the Moon. This operates in the visible Panchromatic band (a.- nm). With a spatial solution of 25 cm from a la) km orbit and a swath of 3 km, provides she, images ever from a lunar orbiter platform. OHRC is an Important new tool for lunar topographic studies of select regions.

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This OHRC image was acquired at 04:381ST on 05-09-2019 from 100km altitude. The image covered a part of BOGUSLAWSKY E Crater (14 km diameter and 3km depth) and surroundings, which lies in the southern polar area of Moon (Palon H. Ludwig von Boguslawsky was a German astronomer).
center coordinates lat =74.6235 long = 54.087E

The ISRO chief has said that doing Spandex first for the space station does not mean that we will postpone Gaganyaan. Gaganyaan will be held on December 2021 only. Spandex is an experimental mission for the space station.

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