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What is IPC 376 Section? – Know Your Kanoon

There is a provision of punishment under IPC 376 Section in the Indian Penal Code for this hate crime. Let’s know about this stream of IPC.

Indian law is a serious category for any woman to be raped. There is a provision for severe punishment for the person who committed this serious crime.

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What is IPC 376 Section?

The accused of raping any woman is prosecuted under section 376, in which the lawyers of both the parties make arguments on the basis of the evidence gathered by the police after the investigation and the statements of witnesses in the court, the arguments Judges on the basis of their experience and discretion decide, in the end, in the event of the crime being proved, the convict must be punished for a minimum of seven years and a maximum of 10 years and life for the car There is a provision to grant accommodation. So that the criminal realizes his crime and in the future, he should never even try to commit a serious crime like rape.

Description of section 376

As per Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code,

Whoever commits an offense punishable under sub-section (1) or sub-section (2) of section 376 and the injury caused during such criminal act causes a woman’s death or perpetual lax condition. Shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than twenty years, or maybe extended to life imprisonment, which means imprisonment for the remainder of that person’s natural life or until death.

IPC Section 375 defines rape

When a man has intercourse with a woman against his will, it is called rape. Whether or not sexual intercourse is completed for any reason, it will be called rape by law. The crime is divided into sections 375, 376, 376A, 376B, 376C, 376D according to different circumstances and categories.

This is section 375

Rape if a man has intercourse against a woman’s will, without her consent, by intimidating her, cheating a mentally weak or insane woman and not being conscious of her alcohol or substance Will fall under the category of If the woman is under 16 years of age, then sexual intercourse with her consent or without consent also comes under the category of rape.

Under this section, if a man has sexual intercourse with his wife below 15 years, then he also falls under the category of rape. In this situation, the accused can be punished.

A relationship formed by mutual consent does not constitute rape.
The Bombay High Court has said in one of its orders that if an educated and older girl from the age of 18 makes a consensual relationship in a relationship, she cannot be accused of rape after the relationship deteriorates. According to the court, sexual relations are not considered right in society even if a woman does not say ‘no’ to sexual relations, then she will be considered a consensual relationship.

  • 376(A)
    When man intercourse with his wife while living apart, he also falls into the category of rape. For which punishment of up to two years and fine will have to be paid.
  • 376(B)
    In the event of public service having sexual intercourse with a woman in its custody, it would fall under the category of crime. For which, a jail term of up to five years will also have to be fined.
  • 376(C)
    Sexual intercourse with a female prisoner by an officer in jail also comes under the category of rape. Which has a provision of punishment of up to five years?
  • 376(D)
    If any member of the hospital manager or employee etc. will have sexual intercourse with a woman in that hospital, then he will also come under the category of rape. The punishment period can be up to five years.

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