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India’s surveillance satellite RISAT-2BR1 will be launched

The satellite to be launched from Sriharikota Space Center in Andhra Pradesh has 628 kg. It will be used as an imaging earth observation satellite(satellite RISAT-2BR1).

India’s surveillance satellite RISAT-2BR1 will be launched

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The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launched the powerful radar imaging satellite RISAT-2BR1 at 3.25 pm. The ‘RISAT-2 BR1‘ was placed about 16 minutes after launch and the other satellites were placed in their individually designated orbits about five minutes later. ISRO chief K.K. Sivan and other scientists congratulated each other on the installation of all 10 satellites in designated orbits.

Later, Sivan from the Mission Control Center said that today is a historic day which coincidentally is the day of the 50th flight of PSLV. He said, “ISRO has carried out the historic mission. I am very happy to announce that the 50th PSLV has successfully installed ‘RISAT-2 BR1’ in an orbit of 576 km in very precise manner. ”

Army will get special help

RISAT-2 BR1 of the Indian Space Research Center (ISRO) is such a powerful surveillance camera satellite that it can take high quality clear images even above the clouds. This imaging satellite is equipped with X-band synthetic aperture radar that is best suited for defense use. It can work effectively in all seasons, including day and night. It can also be better used for monitoring boundaries. However, its main objective is to monitor agriculture, forest area and disaster management operations. The rocket will put all 10 satellites into orbit of space located 576 km above.

Sivan said that “RISAT-2BR1” is a “complex” satellite, but it was built in a short time. He praised the team involved in the work. In relation to PSLV, he recalled the contributions of “extraordinary space personalities” like Dr. Srinivasan, Dr. Madhavan Nair, from design to form. He underlined that Nair had activated the launch vehicle. Sivan said that the carrying capacity of PSLV has increased from 860 kg to 1.9 ton.


  • 75th mission will be dropped from Sriharikota center
  • PSLV rocket will be the 50th flight
  • 37th launch will be from first launch pad
  • 06th launch by ISRO in 2019

What is RISAT-2 BR1 Satellite

RISAT-2 BR1 is a radar imaging earth observation satellite prepared by ISRO. Weighing 628 kilograms, the satellite will have a mission duration of 05 years.

The main experiments will be in these areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Forest
  • disaster management
  • Defence

Also nine foreign satellites

Along with the mission, nine foreign satellites are also being sent to the space. These have one satellite each from Japan, Italy and Israel. While six satellites are from the US. It has agreements with ISRO’s commercial company New Space India Limited.

Whose satellites

  • Japan: Radar Imaging Earth Observation Satellite
  • Italy: search and rescue satellite
  • Israel: Remote sensing (remote sensing satellite)
  • US: Technology Demonstration, Earth Imaging and Four Multipurpose Remote Sensing (Remote Sensing Satellite)

PSLV-C48 is the second flight with ‘QL Configuration’. The first flight with the same ‘Configuration’ was launched in April 2019 (PSLV-C45 / AMISAT and 28 other satellites). Apart from being used for military purposes, ‘RISAT 2 BR1‘ will also be used for agriculture, forest and disaster management. While six US satellites will be used for multi-purpose remote sensing purposes, the Italian satellite is based on research purpose. ISRO said that PSLV-C48 / RISAT-2 BR1 is the sixth launch of ISRO this year with a lifespan of five years.

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