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India’s own station in space | ISRO is going to take this big step

The Indian Space Research Organization( ISRO) is currently working on several large projects simultaneously. While scientists have not yet given up on trying to contact Chandramayan 2’s, Vikram Lander. On the other hand, preparations are also going on for India’s first manned mission Gaganyaan. Meanwhile, now ISRO chief K.K. Sivan (ISRO Chief K Sivan) has given information about another big project. This is something that ISRO has never done before.

Dr. K. Sivan has talked about India’s own space station in space. A few months ago. Sivan had told that India is going to build its space station. Now for this, ISRO is going to do the Space Docking Experiment next year.

For this experiment, ISRO will send two satellites into space with the help of a PSLV rocket. These two satellite modules will be designed in such a way that they can connect to each other after the rocket comes out in space. This will also be the most complex process.

According to ISRO chief, this process of joining will be the same as connecting one brick to another to build a building. Small things join together to form larger sizes. This process is also important for building a space station.

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Only with the success of this experiment will we know whether we will be able to safely transport the necessary items and astronauts in the space station. Let us tell you that there was a plan to leave this rocket by 2025.

At present, the International Space Station (ISS) is functioning by space agencies of five countries – the United States (NASA), Russia (ROSCOSMOS), Japan (JAXA), Europe (ESA) and Canada (CSA). All of these took nearly 13 years to form the ISS. Docking technology was also used for this. A total of 40 times docking was done for ISS.

The most complex process of this experiment would be to reduce the speed of two satellites in space and connect them to each other. Because of the speed does not decrease, they will collide. The government has currently given Rs 10 crore to ISRO for this experiment.

The ISRO chief has said that doing Spandex first for the space station does not mean that we will postpone Gaganyaan. Gaganyaan will be held on December 2021 only. Spandex is an experimental mission for the space station.

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