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If you want to relieve stress, then know the right way to breathe

In today’s life, people are facing stress from elders to children. Yoga proves to be very helpful in dealing with stress.

Must use 70-75% of the breathing capacity – We usually use only 15-20 percent of our breathing capacity, while we must use 70-75 percent of it. If we breathe fast, the heart also has to do more work. According to Yoga Guru Arun, the correct formula for breathing is SSLD i.e. Smooth, Slow, Long and Deep i.e. deep, long and slow breathing. We breathe about 15–17 times a minute. The lower the organism, the longer and deeper the breath it takes, the longer it lives.

Breathing properly is good for the heart and lungs. This lowers blood pressure. Breathing properly provides better oxygen to the body. This improves concentration and memory. Also, anger and anxiety also begin to decrease. Even this releases endorphin hormones, which reduces stress.

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Deep Breathing

Do deep breathing twice daily for 5-10 minutes, ie take a deep breath. During this time, sit down comfortably and take a deep, relaxed breath. You can also do it by sitting on the seat in the office. This releases the dopamine hormone in our body which affects our nervous system. This hormone helps to keep humans happy.

Anulom-Antonyms Pranayama

This pranayama reduces stress and anxiety. According to Yogi Amrit Raj, this pranayama calms the mind and increases the concentration. At the same time, it also keeps blood attacks right. It keeps the heart and lungs healthy. For this, first, sit upright in Sukhasana and close your eyes. Place the palm of the left hand in the posture of wisdom on the left knee. Place the ring finger of the right hand and the shortest finger on the left nostril and close the right nostril with the thumb. Now fill the breath with the left nostril and then close the ring finger and the little finger together. Immediately remove the thumb from the right nostril and exhale. Do the same from the right side. Repeat this a total of 5 rounds.

Bhramari Pranayama

It reduces stress. It also controls anger and restlessness. To do this, sit in Sukhasana by beating the paratha and close your eyes. Take both hands to face and close the ears with both thumbs. Keep the index finger above the eyes, the middle finger will be near the nose, the ring finger will be above the lip and the smallest finger will be below the lip. Then take a deep and long breath through your nose. Then exhale the breath making the sound of the whirling echo. Do 5 rounds like this.

Om’s Pronunciation

Sit up straight and remove the sound of Aum from the mouth. If you want, you can do it by separating the three… i.e… first… then first… then o… then m… and finally, chant Aum with the sound of Aum. Do as long as you can. Do it 10 times. It is very effective in calming the mind.

Do Meditation

Stress is relieved by doing 15 minutes of meditation daily. Mindful meditation is both easy and effective. It gives you the ability to live and accept the current moment. Sit upright in Sukhasana and keep both hands on the knees in the posture of wisdom. Close your eyes. And pay full attention to your breath. Concentrate on the breath both times, going in and out of the body. Feel the things around you. Accept them.

Take a Breath

After Asana and Pranayama, do Shavasana. Comfortably lie down on the ground and close your eyes. Leave the body loose. Then, one by one, focus on every part of the body alternately. Feel that part. Pamper him. Do a total of 5 minutes.

Be Near Nature

Staying close to the 5 elements of nature reduces stress and keeps the mind happy. Stay close to the sky, water, fire, air, and earth. Walk barefoot on the grass. Stretch both hands and look at the sky. Do spend some time in sunlight and drink clean water.


Please pray to God. In this prayer, you have to express gratitude to your parents with God. Whatever they gave you, they did for you, thank you. Pray to God to enlighten yourself, apologize for your mistakes, and seek the right direction.

The most important thing for us is breath. Out of breath, life is over. Actually, our body cells need oxygen to work which we get through the breath. This oxygen gets converted into carbon dioxide in the body and if even a small part of this carbon dioxide remains in our body, then our cells get damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to breathe properly to get the right amount of oxygen and to remove carbon dioxide.

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