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If you play PUBG game then don’t forget to make this mistake, it will be banned for 10 years

PUBG has become the most played game in the whole world. Currently, there are millions of users associated with the PUBG game. Players also use cheating and hacking methods to win chicken dinner in this game. At the same time, now PUBG Makers has taken a big decision to stop hacking and cheating going on in the game.

The game makers will impose a ten-year ban on players who violate the game’s standards. PUBG has said that we will ban third-party apps and hackers. Hackers obtain chicken dinner through cheating. Along with this, they are also able to access premium features.

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The company has taken this decision to prevent unauthorized third apps and hacking, after which users will not be able to violate the gaming standers. Apart from this, the company says that PUBG Mobile will have the option to complain about the cheating player. The company will take strict action against the player who will be complaining and the names of the cheating players will be made public.

PUBG Mobile often issues solutions to its users to make them feel great gaming so that users do not face any problems during gaming. This is the reason why the company had banned more than 3,500 players only last month.

  • Those who cheat will be banned
  • The real players of PUBG will get an in-game reporting process wherein cheating gamers will be able to file complaints against them. At the same time, PUBG Makers will take strict steps against those who tamper with the game.

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Apart from this, the names of the cheating players will be shared on the platform. Let me tell you that PUBG solves the problems of the players on the basis of the month. Along with this, the game makers had banned over 3500 players in September.

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