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How To START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Beginner’s Guide To YouTube & Growing From 0 Subscribers


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How to start an already successful YouTube channel! A beginner’s guide to YouTube and how to start growing from 0 subscribers in 2021.

Hi guys! I know many of you have come home from work, lost their jobs, are now studying online, and are bored with the time you spend at home. I can’t be the only person who started baking things that I wouldn’t have baked before just to fill my time. So today, I wanted to go back to basics and talk about how to start and grow your YouTube channel. If you’ve always wanted to have a channel but used the “I don’t have time” excuse, now is the time to do so! So today I’m sharing my tips on how to start a successful YouTube channel and how to grow with 0 subscribers.

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YouTube Basics:

○ How to Use Keywords on YouTube –
○ How do I edit my YouTube videos –
○ How to Make a YouTube Thumbnail –
○ Brainstorm Video Ideas –
○ How to be confident with the camera –


○ Go from 0 to 1000 subscribers –
○ Is posting more? Grow your channel faster –
○ How to get YouTube suggestions –
○ Understanding YouTube Algorithm –
○ My journey from 0 to 50K subscribers –

Plan to blast your brand in 60 days or less! – https: // …

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Instagram: https: // …

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Camera equipment used:
○ My Camera -http: //
○ Microphone –
○ SD Card –
○ Tripod –
○ Studio Spotlight –

The tools and services I use:
○ Where to find my music (Epidemic) – http: // …
○ YouTube (TubeBuddy) Keyword Finder –
○ Email Provider (ConvertKit) –
○ Paid Products Platform (Teachable) –
○ Affiliate Marketing Network (ShareASale) –

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YouTube sharing tips to help you grow your YouTube channel faster than you thought possible!

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